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This young starlet seems to be paving her way in the fashion world as a very stylish celebrity. I have always been a fan of Hilary Duff’s handbag style, because she wears bold bags with flair. Recently Hilary Duff has been amping up her outfits and carrying a stunning shoulder bag, the Rebecca Minkoff Nikki. I introduced the Rebecca Minkoff line before and let you all know that the Nikki is my favorite style, and now it is Hilary Duff’s too. This bag is so hot that it is not even available on Rebecca’s site right now. But I am sure there will be more to come soon! The Nikki goes for $635.

hilary duff rebecca minkoff nikki
Image via Hilary Style Org

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  • Madison

    the Nikki isn’t available because Rebecca Minkoff had a sample sale last month on all of her handbags. All handbags were 50-60% off retail price so they sold out fast. My friend who loves Rebecca Minkoff actually ordered both the Nikki and the mini Nikki and has been loving it.

  • Joan Brakeley

    Looked at her site, now I understand why you are so up on this bag.
    I would love to have one.

  • Conchita

    i also like her shoes!

  • jadey – myspace.com/tfsismetaldeth

    1. i love her jeans.
    and 2. what is she actually famous for?:s

  • Irene

    SHe’s been in so many movie’s I lover her and adore the jeans and the pumps

  • www.myspace.com/tfsdeth

    wtf is Hilary Duff famous for anyways. :/

  • sandeepshimpi

    Hi Guys,

    Found some cool new videos of Hilary Duff on a film set of her latest movie
    Safety Glass movie, not sure if anyone has seen this already, credit to
    Hollywood North Insider website as I found it there, you can see them below:




  • beth

    can someone id the shoes???please thanks:?:

  • anna

    Hilary eres la mejor, eres i artista favorita, solo kiero k sepas k eres mi major fan y siempre lo seraas.TKM.

    by: ………………Anna……………………..
    desde: Barcelona

  • ~~IRmaK~~

    ı like her hair sytle but in turkey(my country) the hair styles is very differt and very crazy models… :mrgreen:

  • Purseluv

    Hillary is famous for being on Lizzy McGuire, which was on Disney Channel for several years. After that, she pursued a career in music, releasing several singles including “Come Clean” and “Our lips are sealed.” She has also been in several movies, such as “The Lizzie McGuire Movie”, “A Cinderalla Story”, and “Raise Your Voice.”

  • mounia

    high my favorite siguer and actort i hait you very much bébé

  • mounia

    hi i love you very much

  • Adulka

    Ahoj asi mi nebudes rozumiet ale mam 10 rokou a narodila som sa1.1 a mam ta velmi rada si velmi pekna ak mi rozumies som velmi rada :eek: :smile: :cool: :grin: :razz: :!: :?:

  • Sonija


  • Antoniia Follows

    Hilary duffs WIKED!..
    shes been my idol for 8 years, shes famous for acting and singing and her movies are the bestEST!. :smile:

  • gwiazdka1
  • hilary duff 4 life

    Ilove Hilary!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! she is my idol and i adore her and her style is really good!!!!!! she is such a good person!!! :razz:

  • brenneke

    Hilary Duff is the best of the world
    i love haer
    i am is een kei goei nummer
    grtjzz brenneke

  • ItalianBoY

    Hi, i’m an italian boy. I want to say that Hilary is the best singer in the world and I like she very much…bye!! :mrgreen:
    Sorry, maybe I’ve mistaken some words.

  • francielli

    oiii!!!.td bem! :grin:

    • Patrick

      Love your name. Were you from?

  • francielli

    oiiiiiii td bem

  • Oona

    Hilary is the best in the world!! she is so pretty and a good singer!!<3

  • seymur

    i love you

  • hilarydis#1

    i love hilary

    dude she so hott!!!

    i would love to meet her someday!! :cool: :cool:

  • She looks so pretty!! :smile:
    You can get those shoes from New Look!!

  • :mrgreen: I Love Hilary “perfetc” :razz:

  • :lol: :!: :roll: hilary m realy a gr8 fan of urz

  • :lol: hey hilary supp?

  • : hilaryy is very good.i love you hilary

  • Emily

    hilary duff is gay. no one likes her and she’s the most talent-less person in the world. maybe even worse than britney spears. seriously she sucks and can’t act or sing and people think she’s pretty because she has a makeup artist to do her make up everyday otherwise she’d be fucking ugly. she’s the most dumb person ever. I can’t believe she’d even think she was punk with the terrible shit pop music that she makes. her music is even more pop than britney spears and christina aguilera. she’s gay. end of story. go fucking die stupid girl.

    • alexia

      your fucking ugly its cause your jelous!!
      if you hate her so much why the fuck do you waste you time commenting the fucking picture
      go fuck yourself loser
      and by the way britney spears im sure looks way better then you do!
      and in case you havent noticed their all good comments
      FAGGET :grin:

  • :shock: :shock: she si so bequtiful she is the best i love you Hil :oops: :!: :!: :!:

  • Haifa

    i love her style
    she looks cute
    but wt about the shoe ?
    i love it ,,, it’s versace or wt ?

  • meme

    ilove Hilarys style and i love her

  • sofo&tamo

    hilary duff is good singer & actor. we love she very vell :oops: :lol: :roll: :razz: :mrgreen:

  • sina


  • i like hilar so much i wish i could C her its my dream to C her :roll: :roll: :roll:

  • miely cyrus

    :razz: hilary is so cool she inspired me to become a singer
    hey every one its me miely cyrus

    love you xoxoxoxox

  • Feyunie

    Hey .. I Really Like Hilary Duff , I Mean who doesn’t? She’s cute cool and beautiful , so wt’s not to like ? if u don’t like her then ur jelous , I admit it I’m get jelous of her sometimes but it doesn’t mean that i hate her ..

  • djellza

    i love her because she is beautiful i like that

  • alexia

    Shes so beautiful!!!!<3
    she always looks amazing!
    hilary duff rules! :smile:

  • tota

    i really love hilary , & i like the way she look :!:

  • SEVA

    HILARI YOU ARE VERU SUPER GIRL :neutral: :grin: :razz:

  • m@gd@

    she’s cool :oops: i like her so much :oops: :cool: :wink:

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  • vishubir

    i love u hilary most than all the world . and i also want to help poor children and people like u.

  • vishubir

    i am lucky that i love u. u r cool and good natured girl. i like u r atitude. i like u r voice . hilary i am also want to be a pop singer and wants to help poor children and poor people. so may god bless u with success. by by

  • vishubir

    when will u coming india. i want to meet u. and vishubir always convert his dreams to reality. that is why i want to meet u becose u r my dream girl.

  • sherryl anne

    hilary is the best…….i like her…she’s rock!

  • melmk

    i miss old hillary the way she sang and the blonde hair =[ she rox still but not as much

  • coolgirl

    she’s the best of the best.she should even be Miss World.I’m not kiddin’
    She’s so damn lucky unlike people who r jealous like Britney Spears(SUCKING SUCKER) I LUV U! I’M UR BIGGEST FAN

  • sherryl anne

    i like her bag,.,i like her so much..go hilary!!

  • HDrock92

    I love hilary duff

  • Pooja

    u have a great style that is different in itself

  • jessi

    Hilary Duff looks good in anything. She has inspired many people because of how successful she has been. She’s the only one i know that became an actress, singer, and has her accessories. She is very beautiful, talented, and inspiring. I idolize you Hilary even if i’m not anything like you and probably the opposite of you.

  • GM

    HI , hilaey i like u r syle. In sot u r sech syleliest.

  • cammie

    hi you are my favorite hollywood star you have been my idol for many years i would like to meet you sometime cuz i think yuo are marvelous

    kiss kiss bffe


    hilary duf 1

  • david

    hilary is the best singer and actoc of the world

  • Anonymous

    She very good i love Hilary she is the best singer

  • hesam

    i`m iranian.. i know no word to define my love to u hilary.. u r the most beautiful created in the world.
    duset daram hilary e aziz

  • yudi dx

    she a girls that have a talent for create a song … song inspiratif…