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  • AshleyG

    YES, WATCH EMPIRE!!! Ridiculously entertaining! And I love Boo Boo Kitty (Anika)!

    • Empire is my faaaaaaaaaav it is so good.

      • Guest

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  • anon

    Since you guys do read the comments, I actually have a comment for Megan. You know how your light pink Givenchy Antigona bag got dark and blue-ish in places after the rain? Well, I have the light pink Givenchy wallet and when i got mine wet, it turned dark in some places but was completely fine after drying. Guess its just the color that Givenchy uses for their light pinks? Idk, just thought that you might be interested in that.

  • I Love It I Need It Fashion

    I love those handbags. Handbags are really women’s best friend. Nice post. I think I saw something like Gailey’s handbag from a fashion shop, offering cheap designer handbags. Anyway, keep it up!

  • Smithy

    Mansur Gavriel’s backpack is basically their drawstring tote with a lid. I jumped on the bandwagon with this brand with the first hint of hotness, got on a wait list and ended up overwhelmingly disappointed with these stiff bags. I don’t understand the draw — at all. Most overrated bags ever.

    • Alaska

      I completely disagree. I’ve had my mini bucket since November and the leather has become very soft with wear. It looks amazing, developed a patina, and it will last for years.

      • Smithy

        Alrighty then…..enjoy!!