I have a little secret that I most likely share with many of you… I am a reality TV lover. I don’t need the lectures because I agree. Many of the shows are scripted, watching the shows actually kill brain cells, the ‘drama’ is ridiculous, but I tune in every week to catch up. I speak about The Hills ‘stars’ as if they are my friends. Like, they totally know me and I totally know them. And much to my drama loving dismay, I spotted something rotten in the state of LA and the hierarchy of dating. The lovely Amanda Bynes spent her night out on the town toting her Balenciaga City bag and a new fling.

That is right, DOUG! Doug Reinhardt. As in LC’s Doug. Then SPratt’s, “She can’t dictate all our lives”, Doug. Then friends with everyone else on The Hills Doug. And now Amanda Bynes’ Doug? I have to give myself a pat on the back, because when I first spotted this photo, it said with mystery man. My accomplishment of yesterday, that Vlad would not give me a pat on the back for, was letting the Photo Agency know that the mystery man was indeed DOUG! Rumor is flying around town that Doug’s facebook status currently reads: “Doug is in love.”

How many morning coffees have been thrown at the computer screen reading me write this? I apologize now. Back to the bags. Amanda Bynes sported her Balenciaga Giant City in black. This is a staple from Balenciaga, as the City is probably the favorite size and black is the ultimate classic color from Balenciaga. The Gold Giant Hardware spruces the bag up a bit. Buy this bag through Balenciaga for $1695.

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  • Grace

    LOL… Meg you made me laugh out loud reading your post!!!

    I remember you saying you were going to buy one of the bags…and you were contemplating on the which color to buy.
    Did you eventually buy a Balenciaga bag while you were in NYC? And if you did…which color did you get? (i’m sure i’m not the only one on here that wants to know) :)


  • Valerieb

    Love the bag and I must admit I’m a sucker for a good reality show–or even a bad one for that matter. I saw on a gossip site that Amanda Bynes was dating Doug and was bowled over, he was probably identified due to your tip. If Vlad won’t give you a pat on the back I will, you’ve earned it! No coffee thrown at my monitor over your post, just a sigh of relief that someone else who is over the age of 14 is as addicted to the Hills as I am. I even got my hubby hooked, but shhhh, don’t tell anyone…

  • Kate

    Girls (and guys ;))..which do you think is better, the Giant City or the regular city? Thoughts?

  • Glad to see there are more Hills lovers out there!!! Valerie, Vlad refuses to watch the show!

    Grace – I didn’t get to go to Bal NYC. Still wanting to get it from the store!

    Kate – I actually love the Giant hardware, really cool! But the regular is classic :)

  • grace

    Kate… when i see the giant hardware on other people, it looks REALLY good…and it makes me want to go out and buy one. But when i go to the store and look at it, it reminds me of knobs on a radio… and when you compare the two, the regular is a tad boring compared to the giant hardware. The giant hardware just says..”look at me!” well…the bag is saying that. hahah Hope that helps :)

  • jaffa

    I don’t watch the Hills, but I am a big fan of Amanda Bynes. I think she is one of the more talented and level-headed young actresses around. The Balenciaga City looks great on her. I don’t know about this Doug guy. I hope he doesn’t suck Amanda into that whole tabloid vortex of gossip.

  • Lora

    Don’t you think Stephanie Pratt kind of resembles Amanda Bynes?
    Obviously, Amanda i much prettier, but does anyone see the resemblance here??

  • Ingrid

    Kate: i absolutely looooove the giant city better! it just has that eye-catching quality that the regular hardware doesn’t.. i’ll admit that when it first came out, i would’ve had to agree with grace about radio knobs, but i’ve grown to seriously adore them!

    meg! i totally had the same reaction when i saw the photo! and if i were there i would have totally patted you on the back.. i get the same reaction from my friends (the “who cares” reaction.. hahaha).

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  • Wroloupeploth

    y’r really nice guz

  • Kendra

    I”m SO jealous, what a gorgeous bag! (fb)