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  • Diana Cosgrove

    The lovely young woman is Imogen Poots. She was the female lead in the movie “That Awkward Moment” with Zac Efron.

  • eee

    These are all LOVELY bags………. I can’t really se myself using the very small bags. I like a medium to larger luxury bag so it was nice to see a few of those here. Beautiful pictures!!

  • shueaddict

    Amanda, Mira Duma is still doing research for your article; clearly she cannot live without her iPhone 6 or the Chanel pearl.
    I am in awe of Ben Stiller – what a fun thing to do!!!
    and many special thanks to PB for this extensive, well narrated feature. LOVE!

    • You’re welcome! The PFW roundups are always kind of a bear to contend with, but they’re even a joy for me to look at once they’re done. So much great fashion.

  • Pam

    The bag Solange is carrying in #73 is made by a Spanish designer called Lautem. This particular bag is called I Got Rhythm and is currently for sale on runway2street.com, a cool website devoted to selling goods by new young designers. By the way, the bag also has a detachable shoulder strap. The Lautem bags are certainly some of the most original bags I’ve seen in a long time

  • Emily

    Slide 6 – That is NOT Pace Wu. Her name is Gwei (Kwai) Lun-Mei and she is a Taiwanese actress.

    • Cat

      I was just about to make the same comment! Love Gwei Lun Mei!

    • Our photo agency got a lot of the IDs wrong in Paris, for some reason–we corrected what we could, but we didn’t know enough about some of the celebs from outside of the US to catch them all. Thanks for catching that one!

  • AshleyG

    Mira Duma is just so…everything. Love her! But some of these outfits- get ups- are just so ridiculously awful.

  • Guest

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  • D

    I couldn’t help but notice Helena Bordon look (slide 53) is very Carrie Bradshaw

  • cbl

    really hate the lv twist bag

    • Dylan

      Same! It’s ugly!

    • Sofia

      Me too. I hate how the monogram has been designed

    • whitebrown170


      ->->-> -> —>COME AND READ more <-<-


  • Ana

    Hey! :) Slide 34 is Lalá Rudge, brazilian blogger! Thanks!

  • Keiah

    I love Kendall but I don’t see the point in featuring her in every “many bags…” posts if she keeps carrying the same bag over and over again. Sure, her outfit’s significant too but I’m here for the bags, as much as everybody else.

    • Divnanata

      I’ve actually seen her in person in Beverly Hills last year and she was carrying the same Celine. Strange and refreshing in a way?

    • casi

      I kind of like the reminder that she uses it again and again. Sure it’s not new eye candy, but it’s very “normal” which I appreciate

  • Lisa H.

    i sure do love that chanel cage minaudiere. sigh.

  • mary

    anything that make mira look chubby is bad news to us peasant

  • Bruno Joanna

    the slide 34 is Lala Rudge a braziliam blogger http://www.lalarudge.com.br/

  • Elisa

    That was sooo fun! Thanks!!!!! My fave is the Chanel Pearl bag, soooo pretty!!!! But I love pearls.

  • Or

    Very tired of ADR and the blonde salade girl – they trying too hard to wear wacky/ tacky outfits and impress the onlookers. Sometimes is enough is enough

  • Jack

    Is 62 Theodora Richards?

  • ag

    how does bag lending for shows work? do these celebrities return the bags after a certain time? do they only get to carry them for the day? or do these fashion houses actually give away these bags away? just wondering

  • Sofia

    Leigh’s bag (slide 51) – looks like it could be charlotte Olympia?

  • Constance

    Georgia may jagger is wearing the Niki bag from Michino!

  • sofia

    don’t know if someone already said it, but solange’s bag is from loutem

  • Dylan

    Leigh’s clutch is by Olympia Le Tan.