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  • LovethatLuxe


  • Emily

    Chrissy’s bag looks like Valentino, no?

    • I thought it was fairly Valentino-y too, but I’ve never seen one that shape or size from them. The picture is about six months old, so even if it was an advance gift or something, it’d be out by now. Maybe it’s a sample?

  • dela

    For being such a long list, it is practically devoid of A-listers.

    • Most of the very-top-tier people I found in the photo archives weren’t carrying bags; their people do that for them. (That is, for example, why we somewhat rarely have photos of Beyoncé or Angelina Jolie on the blog on general; A-listers are really good at dodging paparazzi, and when they fail at it, usually their handlers are carrying everything for them.)

      • Stina Sias

        Having someone else carry your bag seems like a missed opportunity! I love carrying my expensive bags, they are an important part of my outfit. Having someone else carry it would be like having someone else wear my shoes!

      • I know, right? I actually think about this a lot. Bags are beautiful and they tie together an outfit so well. I’d definitely still want to carry mine.

      • dela

        Yeah, that makes sense. I think there is a better chance of finding them with their bags on the streets of NYC.

        As expected, Chanel and the Birkin are very popular. I am surprised Fendi is not better represented. Celine probably had its moment a few years ago. Because of the Kardashian factor, Givenchy is always going to be popular.

        An interesting and unscientific study can be done about celebrity bag preferences by coast, country, region etc.

  • Michelle

    These are my favorite type of posts!!! Thank you for the great commentary!!!

  • Melissa

    Did anyone else notice that Larry King’s pants are unzipped?

    • kemilia


  • Sparkletastic

    Great post with lots of bags to see!

    I almost thought I had time traveled back 10 years. JoLo’s stylist must have rooted around in the back of her closet for that tired looking Juicy Coutureish sweatsuit / UGGS combo. Horrible, dated and too young on her.

    Tracy Edmunds always looks great even though I don’t love her bag.

    Shaun King is doing hard time being married to Larry. No money would be worth him. Yuck.

    I miss Joan Rivers. ????.

    • Daria

      you speak the truth.

  • AshleyG

    I love Tia’s look- me thinks the Givenchy Lucrezia doesn’t get enough love- but I follow Tia on IG and she definitely loves hers!

  • Aoedele

    Love what Tia and Tamera are wearing. As always, the commentary was more interesting than the bags.

    • HeatherENowak



  • KimberlyRHart

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  • Aforallie

    Looking forward to seeing what bags Caitlyn Jenner carries.

  • Vuittonluvr

    I believe the Vuitton is a vintage Nil, no?

  • Daria

    Kim Porter and Tamera Mowry look disastrous

  • Tiger_Girl

    I’ve dined a number of times at Craig’s and often, A-listers will leave thru the back door if they don’t want photos taken. Yes, there are always paparazzi floating around the front. Guaranteed celebrity sightings. Yes, it does have booths :). A place where movie moguls and a- list celebs mingle with “sort of” common folk.