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10 Fauré Le Page Bags Spotted on Celebrities

I’m here for the reinvigoration of this 300-year-old brand

Often times, we see the same brands being carried by celebrities, and while it is lovely to see these bags on stars, seeing a brand that is out of the normal lineup is always exciting.

Fauré Le Page is deeply steeped in history dating back to when it was established in Paris in 1717 (long before Goyard – 1792 – and Louis Vuitton – 1854). A French family purchased the brand in 2009 and has been working on assembling the archives of the brand, which leaves us with the current day Fauré Le Page.

I have already shared the bag from the brand that gets the most use in my rotation (it has become my go-to daily hauler), and now I have a look at bags celebrities have been spotted carrying from the brand. While the tote has been the bag I have loved most, the brand offers ample other designs and options.

The FLP Logo Print

All of the brand’s wares feature a logo print, though there are differing options ranging from the classic scale canvas to large scale canvas to blue or pink saga to camouflage ice blue, many of which are offered in different colorways as well. Some designs offer more leather detailing, while others are more canvas focused.

Either way, the brand’s print feels more under the radar and inviting, which is a welcomed change. With a brand rooted with deep history and myself being a true fan, I’m excited to see more from it.

Celebrity Style

Anna Kendrick wearing SagaCity 18 Faure? Le Page

Anna Kendrick

Isla Fisher wearing Express 21 Faure? Le Page

Isla Fisher

Jessica Alba wearing the Parade 23 Faure? Le Page

Jessica Alba

Joey King wearing Calibre 21 Faure? Le Page
Joey King wearing Calibre 21 (2) Faure? Le Page

Joey King

Joy Corrigan wearing SagaCity 31 Faure? Le Page

Joy Corrigan

Keke Palmer wearing SagaCity 18 Faure? Le Page

Keke Palmer

Kristen Bell wearing Pochette Zip Faure? Le Page

Kristen Bell

Mindy Kaling wearing Parade 19 Faure? Le Page

Mindy Kaling

Noah Schnapp wearing Hands On 17 Faure? Le Page

Noah Schnapp

Sarah Hyland Faure Le Page

Sarah Hyland

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7 months ago

Thank you for featuring something different! Love the tote you hVe

7 months ago

The finishing on hardware, corners, and the canvas are all awful given the price. Far far away from Goyard / LV.