Caption This Photo: Over the weekend, Perez Hilton celebrated his 32nd birthday with a huge birthday bash. Stars came out to celebrate with him, including teen sensation Justin Bieber. Strike a pose!

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  • Rebecca

    Bieber: Get away from me you old creep!

  • Rebecca

    Forgot the (fb)

  • Lydia M

    Creepy! (fb)

  • luvhautecouture

    Bieber: I’m much too young for you C-3PO!

    • luvhautecouture

      (fb)! always forget :)

  • Karen

    I’m going home with her…don’t worry…she’s too old for you! (fb)

  • Moudane

    ” The star and the one that really wanted to be a star ” (fb)

  • Bounty

    What is fb????

  • Ann

    hey, a party is a party. Justin didn’t need to go if he didn’t want to, right? (fb)

  • Toneka

    *Perez* hey tell me who cuts your hair and you can have this suit after the pary!
    *Justin* In your dreams dude , hey get off me! (fb)

  • Sonia

    Look mom, I’m a cougar now! (fb)

    • elise

      LOL.. good one, although I love Perez for being himself!

  • hannah

    Perez: HEY LOOK I FOUND THIS LOST CHILD!! wheres your mom?

  • Lara

    I’m practicing my speech with my life-size Grammy award!

  • fun

    Hey Liberace, buy me some beer?

  • Georgina

    omg. perez in gold is hilarious.. i’m laughing so hard. Justin Bieber is.. hahahahaha i want to see him in 10 years. now he is ‘GOOD’, but he will disappear (fb)

  • JulieO

    “Two people we hear WAY too much about” (fb)

  • ingrid

    Justin: I’m glad I chose the Range Rover. The gold foil suit doesn’t look as good off the hanger.

  • ingrid

    Oops (fb)

  • Bronwen Llewellyn

    This one’s not crying, but he probably still wants to marry me. (fb)

  • Bronwen Llewellyn

    An effeminate, ever-present, detrimental influence on our youth…oh, and Perez Hilton. (fb)

  • Rosanna

    I wonder if this gold suit makes me look younger? (fb)

  • Gelynn

    Ummm…no thanks. =] (fb)

  • amber

    If you’re straight and over 18, you have NO IDEA who these people are. (fb)

  • Debbie

    Justin Bieber is wondering where his sunglasses are. (fb)

  • Tonda

    I borrowed this jacket from Michael Jackson, too! (fb)

  • Roxanna

    Um, whats with the jacket? Justin looks so awkward. (fb)

  • Jane

    Beiber thinking: Don’t runaway, just smile, and remember to fire manager and publicist right after creepy, Goldie Perez is done leaning on me! ewe (fb)

    • Jane

      Beiber thinking: why is Goldie Perez looking at me like Im one of the three bears

  • Shri

    I’m the Tinman – as in Friend of Dorothy (fb)

  • RGMofNYC

    I’m sorry, but is it just me or does Justin look like a 14-year old girl?

  • Mel

    Perez: See that Beiber, head to toe metallic always works. (fb)
    Beiber: Smile for the camera.

  • Beth

    PEREZ: Hey, I have to stoop over just to get in the shot with you. That’s so cute! You’re so tiny, I could fit you in my pocket.

    BIEBER: Your suit makes me squint.

    • Beth

      Drat, I forgot the (fb) too. So, (fb)!

  • Paulina

    Perez: Aren’t you a little young for this?
    Bieber: Aren’t you a little old for this?

  • Maryann

    As spokesman for Jiffy Pop Popcorn I am here to announce that you, Justin, have won a lifetime supply of this incredilble popcorn treat! (fb)

  • Kiwishopper

    Who is Bieber anyway? lol
    Sorry I am a bit slow on the “young celeb” department (fb)

  • Lynette

    Bieber is more popular and getting more attention than Perez. This was Perez’a chance to get in on some publicity. (FB)

  • Tiffany

    “Cheeze biot*hes!”

  • Tamee

    Heard Bieber on the Nick Kid’s Choice Awards last night and unfortunately, wasn’t impressed. And neither was my daughter. More than a little out of tune!!! (fb)

  • Farraden

    Oh well, older guy’s suit is a bit too shiny for the kid. Look at him squint while the other one poses his big wide smile (fb)

  • Bonniesgirl

    Bieber: Gee, I thought my agent said I was going to PARIS Hilton’s birthday party!!! Bwaa!! (fb)

  • Donna

    Can’t even begin to caption this!

  • gacats

    I love shiny things! (fb)

  • kacee

    perez: “he looks just like me, don’t ya think?” (fb)

  • Fetish4Purses

    ugh… that shiny, shimmering suit has to go boo… ASAP!!! >_<

  • Shannon

    the gold suit is really too much… i don’t even like bieber and I’m feeling a little awkward for him here.

    • Shannon

      oops!! forgot the (fb)

  • Dawne Strehl

    (I plead the fifth!) ‘(fb)’

  • Dina Ray

    If I can’t get an Oscar, at least I can BE one! (fb)

  • Karin bag4bag

    Justin: “Please tell me that won’t be me in 20 years time !”

  • Christian

    Its nice to know Perez is losing weight. yay!

  • tn requin

    this is good!!tn requin

  • Alice

    Justin: Gold…Plural…I’m just going to go with it.

  • glow

    wow.. somebody give me sunnies! isnt it tooo loouudd too old to scream ‘look at me im the birthday boy!” (fb)

  • nicole

    The New cast of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory??


  • nicole

    they call me C-3PO

  • nicole

    err (fb) **

  • robbieb

    Perez: “I’ll show ya golden boy!” (fb)

  • Samantha

    Perez: “I may not win an Oscar award but I can sure look like one!”
    Justin: “That’s what he said” (fb)

  • Samantha

    “I’m comin’ for you, one less lonely boy” (fb)

  • Toni

    uggg….just threw up in my mouth……

  • Emily

    Yikes. That Bieber boy is EVRYWHERE, I don;t get it. Then again, I’m not …(fb)

    • Emily

      That was I’m not 12… (duh) fb

  • April C.

    OH MY…need my shades after looking at that outfit! haha Aww..look at Justin’s face..he’s like “umm..okay” LOL (fb)

  • Reese

    Perez: Heeeeeeey! You seen my monkey?
    Bieber: stoptouchingmestoptouchingmestoptouchingmestoptouchingme…! (fb)

  • Hellena

    Can’t caption this… my eyes hurt from too much gold (fb)

    • Danielle

      YouTube Sensation > “Goldon Boy” Blogger . . . “Goldon Boy” Blogger > YouTube Sensation . . .

      PurseBlog > YouTube Sensation + “Goldon Boy” Blogger (FB)

  • Audrey H.

    “Remind me who this kid is please?” (fb)

  • Reese

    perez: Yeah I’m Hollywood’s golden boy.
    Bieber: lame’ outta here!
    Corney but i just couldn’t resist (fb).

  • otter

    I find both unacceptable.

  • Jessica

    Justin Bieber is Canadian…YAY! I just found that out.. Perez looks like he lost weight (FB)

  • Supermaxoroni

    It makes me sick that Perez Hilton is wearing that chanel suit. of all the Chanel suits to wear why that one? why spoil its beauty by letting Perez Hilton wear it?

  • Lisa

    Ummm, no thanks to both. (fb)

  • lily

    baby, baby, baby . . . don’t! (fb)

  • Danielle

    YouTube Sensation > “Goldon Boy” Blogger . . . “Goldon Boy” Blogger > YouTube Sensation . . .
    PurseBlog > YouTube Sensation + “Goldon Boy” Blogger (FB)

  • Paula

    Which one is 32? ;) (fb)

  • Reece

    at first i couldnt stand this kid but i kinda got hit with the beiber fever! (fb)

  • Elisabeth F

    “The talentless often lean on those with talent like a crutch, and Perez Hilton is no exception” (fb)

  • Elyse

    which one of us spent more time on our hair? (fb)

  • Jocelyn


    Tag for Linea Pelle (fb)

  • Tiff Chao

    What are you wearing Perez? (fb)

  • munu

    Justin you are really cute boy and Handsome 2 …………. everyone in the world like you,,, I love you songs and the way you speak …. gud luck litt boy….

  • Angie

    Ewww ! iLyy Justin

  • Dis bitch

    Alls i see is 2 gay guys standin next 2 each other

  • anahi

    loveeeeeeeeeee justin bieber

  • michelle

    love baby,baby,baby

  • brittany pressley

    i agree with tha gay part justin thinks all of the girls in the world love him but he wrong there are alot of girls that like him but noyALL girls for examples almost all of my friends at valley springs middle hate him i mean seriously a girl kisses him on that cheek then he shows it in public wow he must be desprate or somthin and hes not hot at all

  • Dash

    P: That mofo just threw gold paint at me!
    J: Dude who threw paint, I fucking love you.

  • Justin Bieber is quite talented at a very young age, he sings good too `,*

  • Arjaytoo

    If that is a Chanel suit,Coco must be spinning in her grave.

  • James Niven Australia

    uugghhhhhh eeewwwwwwwwwwww