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  • Guest

    I really like the Stella McCartney hobo, but I would never pay $1375 for it.

  • Ping Yan

    Wow, now you see these premium brands start using embroidered and pearl rivets, which had been beautifully used in Coach 2016 Fall 1941 western collection. Not to mention this Moschino Floral Applique bag, and the Fendi Allover Flowers Peekaboo Bag (listed in another thread) are copying the concept of Coach tea rose bag but in an ugly way.

    But I know those Coach haters will keep saying Coach copies from other brands. and keep paying triple price for these top brand names. no matter how ugly the bag itself is.

    • Gigi

      Coach did not invent the idea of decorating bags with pearls & embroidery lol. Coach does indeed copy from other brands. Most brands gain inspiration from the hottest styles, its just the way things work.

      • Ping Yan

        Oh, wow, a live Coach hater. I won’t talk about any brand without really knowing them.Have you checked out the Coach 1941 collection ? If not, you don’t know what brand Coach is in now days.

      • Gigi

        Oh, wow! Someone assuming I hate an entire brand simply because I disagree with you! How cute :)

      • Fawcett Proust

        Just block her she always does this ?

  • Stephanie Durham

    The Chloe Nile Bracelet just went on my wish list!! Btw, the link on that one goes to a different bag.

  • CoCo

    That leather on the Sophie Hulme bag in slide 22 looks so cheap! I would never be able to pay $975 for a satchel that looks like it’s from Forever 21…

  • psny15

    <3 chloe!

  • Dave

    Loewe new Zip bag is so simple and Smart!!! But, when you open is so handy and versatile!!.

  • Maya

    Funny, it’s either extra uber bling or very clean line bags:)

  • Sparky

    LOVE the Moschino!!!!

  • ECooper

    All I want is Gucci!

  • julie

    ok I kinda love the balenciaga

  • Lala

    So much to like here

  • Aileen Diaz

    The YSL is very classy and nice I believe can be a good investment bag, but many of them are over power with all this flowers and embroidery.