The only way to start the new year off is with a bang. And big pink crocodile a Balenciaga bang at that, how can you find fault with this feature?

You all knew that Amanda and I were Balenciaga fan girls in 2010 and our love for the brand continues into 2011. I find it hard not to love the Balenciaga Croc City Classic in lavender. The color is subtle but eye catching and this bag combines a motorcycle meets ladylike vibe.

One thing I promise you all in 2011 is you will not hear me constantly talking about needing to find the perfect Balenciaga bag. I vow to go out and find it, hunt it down, then post about it, and we can all move on with our handbag loving lives. I would love to just go for the golden ticket, and get a crocodile Balenciaga bag, but that will not be happening.

However, if that day comes, you better believe you all will be the first to know! Buy this Balenciaga bag via Barneys for $17,500.

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  • Shana

    Wow, I usually hate non-brown-or-black croc, but that is a thing of beauty! (iPad)

  • Limey

    Love the colour and style… sadly, I can’t afford it.. oh well, I can only dream! (ipad)

  • Alicia

    This is gorgeous… would love to make it my first Bal (ipad)

  • Alicia

    Although I am so used to the smoother texture, this is growing on me! (ipad)

  • nick

    Like the color but not the style so much. (ipad)

  • Liz

    Not really my color, but love the style of it. (iPad)

  • windy

    This is an ART even the price! hehe! (ipad)

  • Renee’

    LOVE.LOVE.LOVE. (iPad)

  • ninjaninja

    Love it (ipad)

  • ninjaninja

    Do people even use the mirror that comes with their purse? (ipad)

  • Wendy

    $17,500, yes?

    Not for me or anyone I know. And I know some with big price ranges…but this seems grander than that.

    Think how many ipads I could buy instead ;) (ipad)

  • Joyce

    I love croc, and I love Balenciaga motorcycle bags .. but somehow together they don’t get along as well as the original version (the slouchiness is lost). (ipad)

  • Kiwishopper

    I wonder if a croc bag is going to be REALLY heavy!? (ipad)

  • milwifey

    Beautiful bag and would be lovely to carry during this grey winter but for the price I think I’d be to afraid to carry for fear of ruining it. (ipad)

  • nini

    I love it…but not the price! (ipad)

  • Jen

    Sooo gorgeous. Love that color! (ipad)

  • wendy

    Love Bal, though I’m not a pink or croc person. (ipad)

  • Pam

    So pretty. (ipad)

  • Miriam

    Not a pink, Bal, or croc person (ipad)

  • Paroma

    I’d rather buy a small car :) (ipad)

  • Kelly

    so expensive! (ipad)

  • hfxshopgirl

    love it, but a little pricey… (ipad)

  • Barb

    Beautiful bag but I prefer a brighter pink. That said, I would not turn it down,should someone offer me one because that is the only way I would be able to have one!

    • Barb


  • Marion

    I actually think I hate it, which is usually stronger than I would ever use for a bag. Not a fan of the shape or the color. (ipad)

  • Jelita78

    *faint* (ipad)

  • Britt

    I may be the only person on Earth that isn’t a fan of Balenciaga. Their bags are just too edgy for my personal style. I don’t particularly care for this iteration either!

    • Monica

      I’m not a fan of bbags either, honestly.

  • LDJ

    Its so tempting to the eyes!!!! I love it. (ipad)

  • Lianne

    Love the bag, hate the colour, not even going near the pricetag (ipad)

  • Jelita78

    but the pink shade is cute though.. (ipad)

  • Dorian Gray

    I Love Balenciaga’s bags but I’d like to read more Versace’s too into 2011. Please :-)

  • somethingbags

    my kind of bag and (ipad)!

  • Sherry

    i need a lavender bag to add to my collection (ipad)

  • Sherry

    soo cute (ipad)

  • kemilia

    I love the pink but not the croc (ipad).

  • annabelle

    i always wanted one…i’m debating on what to get this year…but this one is gorgeous! the color is pretty and i love exotic leather! hahahah (ipad)

  • Donna C.

    Hmm for me I like a regular leather Bal better. Hope to get one this year (ipad)

  • Vitta

    The excessive details (patching, stitching, studs, front zipper, buckles, etc.) clash with the skin texture and “cheapens” the overall design. The exquisite, symmetrical skin pattern does not really require additional “enhancements”. At least, not in good taste…

    • Vitta

      Should be “cheapen”, not “cheapens”. Sorry for the typo.

  • Staci

    Love the color but the price is hard to swallow (iPad)

  • Maggie

    Wow! This is Gorgeous! Love the color too! (ipad)

  • Tonya

    I’ve never seen to understand the hype with these bags…the color is nice but the price not so much (ipad)

  • Caroline

    So beautiful! If only I had a spare $18,000!

  • Melody

    I love it!! I would never spend that much on a bag, but it is truly stunning!! (ipad)

  • Christina

    ooooh i love! (ipad)

  • Jenn

    I love the color! (ipad)

  • Jenn

    It is the perfect feminine bag (ipad)

  • tony

    love the color! (ipad)

  • tony

    but too pricey!! (ipad)

  • Nikita

    Pink and croc?! LOVE (iPad)

  • bia

    I have a bag that looks like it in charcoal that I bought at charlotte russe for $5 on sale. And hey, I only saved $17,495. (ipad)

  • Mousse

    You know I just don’t get bbags. I love the color but hate their style. They look cheap to me. (ipad)

  • kimyen

    this bag is beautiful..I love the lavender color..if only i could win the lottery *sighs* (iPad)

  • Joanna

    Love croc! (iPad)

  • Marianna

    If money was no object that just might be the first BBag for me! I love croc and I love lavender. I guess I will just have to love it from afar. (iPad)

  • Britney Anderson

    Such a beautiful bag! I’ve been eyeing Balenciaga more and more… (ipad)

  • 19yearslater

    This is a paradox. A structured slouchy bag, a ladylike color and material on a punky girl’s bag. I love it. Really, its unexpected and brilliant. This will never be in my budget so I will admire it from afar and perhaps one day buy one of its leather counterparts. (ipad)

  • Tiffany

    I LOVE this! I would totally go for it (ipad)

  • chloehandbags

    It’s a nice colour, but I’d describe it as more of a lilac, then a lavendar, personally.

    Lavender is normally more of a light-toned blue-purple, whereas, this looks more of a light red-purple?

    I think this colour would look better in regular leather, too, personally.

  • Andrea

    This doesn’t do it for me. Maybe if it was in Teal (ipad)

  • chloehandbags

    Sorry, lavender – can’t spell today, apparently!

  • Chic ‘n Cheap Living

    Loving the material and the classic city styling but the color, hmm…(ipad)

  • coachwife6

    I don’t like this one, but there’s one out there for you. I am sure of it. (ipad)

  • raffa

    too girly but beautiful (ipad)

  • kanika

    ah beauty but all that money ,, lets just cjop the onions (ipad)

  • Jennifer

    any other color…..(ipad)

  • Rina

    It’s to die for!!!! (ipad)

  • Kelly

    There is an interesting juxtaposition between the soft, gentle colour and the hard croc skin that just doesn’t do it for me…so I agree with the first comment – I think it will work better in plain leather. (iPad)

  • Mochababe73

    It’s okay. I still like the bag, but I don’t like the crocodile or the color. (iPad)

  • Justine

    WOW! It’s very pretty but the price! :( (ipad)

  • bisbee

    Well…I’ll never spend that much for a bag, but if I did, I’d go for a more classic color.

  • cl

    that color + croc + balenciaga? nothing could possibly go wrong! beautiful beautiful bag (ipad)

  • Sue E

    I love Balenciaga…the colors, textures, shape

  • Sue E

    forgot to add (iPad)

  • ☆Lola A♏ ★

    I don’t like, can’t afford it anyway. lol (iPad)

  • Ivana

    Greatttt but too expensive :( (ipad)

  • nadia maria

    wohooo shoot..
    that is spectacularly gorgeous!! anglina jolis bag i love it must see how beauty full collection leather bags

  • jillybean307

    Love it! I want to add another Bbag to my collection. (ipad)

  • m1ni

    Love The B, I’d like to get another one, if i win the (ipad)

  • Tracey G

    Love the color but not the price (ipad)

  • Bettye

    It is a beautiful handbag, but I can buy a used car for cheaper than that. (ipad)

  • Elizabeth

    i’d really not a fan of the exotic skins on the motorcycle bags since i like them totally slouchy, but that’s just my style. The colour is so pretty! (ipad)

  • susan

    great color and I love it…(ipad)

  • heidi

    i LOVE the balenciaga city bags but really can’t justify their 2k price tag (non-exotic). one day i shall have one though!! one day, hopefully soon!! (ipad)

  • shannon

    GORGEOUS!! (ipad)

  • Cindy

    Not much into the croc look myself. (ipad)

  • Cindy

    hmmm…forgot to add, not much into pastel colored bags either. (ipad)

  • Yujin

    I’m in love with this bag. I wish I had the bankroll to afford it :( (ipad)



  • Ken Vien

    Greatttt but too expensive (ipad)

  • Jaz

    I love Balenciaga but for some reason I do not love this bag. (ipad)

  • Kate

    That is soooooo gorgeous!! Just love the color!! (iPad)

  • spanish moss

    what a yummy color! (ipad)

  • Ellen

    Balenciaga is not my favorite but this is impossible not to love! (ipad)

  • quimerula

    Lovely, lovely colour! (ipad).

  • FashionIsMyHobby

    Would love to someday have one of these. Perhaps in lavender? (ipad)

  • Dilettante

    I think I prefer classic colours for the city (ipad)

  • Mitch

    I like the croc material but maybe in black or brown. Too pricey though!!! (ipad)

  • Mel

    I’d like it in another color. I don’t think I would ever buy that pricey of a bag even if I did have that kind of money. (ipad)

  • Christine

    Love the croc and the color! I love balcenciaga and can’t wait to buy another one that is if I am able to commit to a color! (ipad)

  • ninjaninja

    I was never into Bal bags until I saw one in real life. I just fell in love with the leather! (ipad)

  • window of happiness

    Love the color and the croc. Can’t wait till you post your purchase Balenciaga. ( ipad )

  • Tracey G

    i prefer the simpler styles of balenciaga but this blush color is beautiful! (ipad)

  • ariancita

    Me no likey. :) (ipad)

  • Sheila

    Wow, gorgeous, love the croc! (ipad)

  • nikita

    oh my gosh i love it but $17,500 i dont think so.(ipad)

  • Valarie

    Love it! Just got my first Bbag from my bf for my 30th! Black city bag…I’m in love and already planning my next one :) (ipad)

  • Candace

    It’s stunning…and so is the price. Eep. (ipad)

  • Lynda

    wow that’s a lot of $$. I really do love their bags though. There really is a feminine edge to them. (ipad)

  • Alison J.

    Would never get a bag that color. (ipad)

  • ninjaninja

    Would love this with my grey coats (ipad)

  • ninjaninja

    Would be a great work bag in black (ipad)

  • Monique

    That bag may cost $17,500, but it is not as exciting to me than having an (ipad)

  • HandbagAngel

    Absolutely my dream bag. If I have that amount of money, I’d go with Black color. (iPad)

  • felicia

    great bag!!!! but it’ll be too much for me to afford (ipad)

  • helen

    Love this color! (ipad)

  • mango

    delicious (ipad)

  • ninjaninja

    So beautiful (ipad)

  • Kim

    I heart all things Balenciaga! (ipad)

  • Jen

    So pretty!!! Sigh =P (ipad)

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  • Letícia

    looooooooooooooove <3 (ipad)

  • ninjaninja

    Love (ipad)

  • Christine

    omg this is sooo stunning and gorgeous!!! (ipad)

  • Christine

    but the pink lizard they came out with before is MUCH more affordable than croc! (ipad)

  • Sheila

    oh so gorgeous – love the pink bags (iPad)

  • Emma G

    gorgeous (ipad)

  • Courtney

    Adore this color and style!!! (ipad)

  • KY

    what a beauty but so much $$ (ipad)

  • Elaine

    The color is beautiful but the best part of Balenciagas is the slouch! Their lambskin is pretty amazing. (ipad)

  • Diane

    both the color and price…unfortunately huge turn off…(ipad)

  • Deborah Curran

    Oh, I would love this!!!! ipad

  • Paulina

    Oh so beautiful! More colors, please, Balenciaga! (iPad)

  • Antonia

    The color is amazing! (ipad)

  • Kayt

    gorgeous (ipad)

  • Rose

    Balenciaga is not worth all the hoopla! If this bag didn’t have a name to it, most people woouldn’t even give it a second look.

  • Anna

    I so want a bal. (iPad)

  • ninjaninja

    I also want a Bal (ipad)

  • ninjaninja

    But I don’t know if it’s a good “investment.” (ipad)

  • ninjaninja

    If I drop that much money on a bag (ipad)

  • ninjaninja

    I think it should last me forever (ipad)

  • ninjaninja

    Just saying (ipad)

  • Desaria

    im inlove (ipad)

  • nini

    wow… I can buy a car with that price. (ipad)

  • Heidi

    Not big on pink bags..especially at that price. (ipad)

  • Beth

    I generally do not like pink when it comes to handbags. However, I like the Balenciaga bag. (ipad)

  • Ronnie

    oh my gosh. I would dieeeee if i got this bag. Like i would treat it like a baby LOL