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The Best Bags in the Wild We Spotted in Atlanta – January 2023

Gucci, Hermès and Chanel were the brands of choice among southerners this month!


January brings with it some of the coldest temps of the year in many places, including Atlanta. While the weather down south definitely gets chilly, it’s not nearly as wintry down south as up north. On a sunny day, seeing lots of people out and about enjoying the weather is not abnormal. We spent the last couple of weekends roaming around Atlanta to see what bag lovers are carrying (and wearing) this winter. It’s nice to see how people style bags in the winter when a giant puffer coat or being covered head to toe isn’t a necessity.

One thing is for sure, Atlanta handbag lovers don’t shy away from color in the winter months, and we spotted plenty of stunning shades like pink, red, and green alongside muted neutrals like black and beige. This week’s brands of choice were Gucci, Hermès, and Chanel, with a fan-favorite mini heart bag even making an appearance down south!

BITW Atlanta Jan 2023 1
BITW Atlanta Jan 2023 13
BITW Atlanta Jan 2023 14

images via @bykylemark for PurseBlog


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  1. Helena Avatar

    LOVE that vibrant red Birkin!

    1. spoiledinseattle Avatar

      Sooo eye catching!!!

  2. Catherine Avatar

    LOVE the diversity of bags and people! Representing us little Southern metropolises well. 🙂

    1. Mindi Avatar

      What diversity? Most look the same ethnicity to me….

  3. Klara P Avatar
    Klara P

    Lived in ATL for a bit. This post stirred up a little nostalgia. Look how warm it is!

    1. Anon Avatar


  4. FashionableLena Avatar

    Give me ALL the pink bags!

  5. Lynn Avatar

    I love the pinks!!

  6. Chaussures74 Avatar

    Thank you for showing diversity! That pink Chanel Flap is gorgeous!

    1. Mindi Avatar

      Beautiful bags!

  7. Max Avatar

    love the Pink Chanel divine

    1. Mindi Avatar


  8. smeegal9 Avatar

    My first comment…Love the bags and the article!