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Super Chic iPhone 7 Cases Have Finally Started Hitting Stores; Here are 18 of the Best

I spend many of my waking hours writing about, looking at and contemplating handbags, but when it comes down to it, the accessory that I actually use the most is, without a doubt, my iPhone case. That’s probably true for a lot of people–even when our purses are stowed away in our desks at work or in their usual resting spots at home (the foot of my bed, for me), my iPhone and its case are always within a few feet unless I’m taking a shower. And, if we’re being honest: sometimes even then.

A new generation of iPhone came out a few months ago, and there’s always some lag time between a new phone launch and when brands get their new cases into stores, so we’ve been watching to see when the selection would start to get good. It finally has, just in time for last-minute holiday shopping, which is practically what a cute iPhone case was made for. You know, besides protecting your iPhone.

Below, we’ve selected a bunch of the most aesthetically pleasing options for your new phone or the one you suspect you maybe be getting in a week and a half. They start in the low two figures and span up to the low four figures, and the aesthetics they cover are just as many and varied. Most of the one’s we’re posting are for the 7, but basically all of them are also available in a 7 Plus version from the same retailer.

Barneys Python iPhone 7 Case
$200 via Barneys


Dolce & Gabbana Embellished Leather iPhone 7 Case
$1,029 via Net-a-Porter


Edie Parker Rainbow iPhone 7 Case
$45 via Saks


Gray Malin Neon Umbrellas iPhone 7 Case
$49 via Shopbop


Hadoro Shagree iPhone 7 Case
$250 via Barneys


Iphoria Couleur Au Portable iPhone 7 Case
$50 via Shopbop


Karat iPhone 7 Case
$50 via Neiman Marcus


Kate Spade Maker Your Own Monster iPhone 7 Case
$55 via Nordstrom


Marc Jacobs Parrot iPhone 7 Case
$45 via Shopbop


Native Union CLIC Marble iPhone 7 Case
$80 via Barneys


Recover Agate iPhone 7 Case
$24 via Urban Outfitters


Recover Wood Ruler iPhone 7 Case
$28 via Urban Outfitters


Richmond & Finch Marble Look iPhone 7 Case
$46 via Shopbop


Rifle Paper Co. Birch iPhone 7 Case
$36 via Shopbop


Skinnydip Galaxy iPhone 7 Case
$35 via Shopbop


Sonix Happy Hour iPhone 7 Case
$35 via Shopbop


Vianel Lizard iPhone 7 Plus Case
$100 via Barneys


Zero Gravity Casbah Embroidered iPhone 7 Case
$34 via Nordstrom



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7 years ago

I love the Dolce & Gabbana case. It’s gorgeous. I just can’t imagine spending that much money on a case that offers nothing in terms of protection. Pure decoration. It costs more than the phone.

But, I guess that if you can afford the case then you don’t worry about fixing your phone if it cracks. LOL!

7 years ago

The D&G case is my favorite but WOW that price! The Urban Outfitters wood ruler cover is so clever!

7 years ago

a bunch of these cases dont protect your phone if it falls down so its a toss up between style and function