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  • twoturntables


  • kindled

    Pity the prices don’t reflect the fact that they’re made of PVC. I think clear bags can be cute and fun and would make a fantastic beach bag, but not something I would drop more than $50, tops, on.

  • s

    How can a plastic non leather handbag cost $3,700?? I understand Chanel has their price premiums. But, when they’re selling the same handbag in full leather at the same price they look ridiculous.

    • Scottsdale Kim

      The emperor has no clothes….

  • Abbi


  • Abbi

    I was hoping more brands would follow Gucci and try to eliminate use of PVC. So bad for the environment…

  • Scottsdale Kim

    Nothing from the Furla Candy Collection?

    I purchased and returned a clear PVC Phillip Lim Pashli a few years ago after falling in love with it on the Purse Blog. I am a fanatic about keeping a tidy handbag but I was concerned that I would some how bruise the PVC with use and that it would start to look scratched and cloudy.

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