Chanel Clear Boy Bag

If you’re not a person who keeps a tidy handbag, skip this post entirely – you don’t want the world to see the various and sundry receipts, loose change and tampons you have floating around down there. (I know what’s in there because I am guilty as well.) For the rest of you with better cleaning habits than us, clear handbags are back again for one more season of see-through fun.

We had almost put the nail in the coffin of this trend, but then PVC got super trendy for shoes and everyone from Chanel to Tory Burch has gone clear for one more season. Thankfully, the PVC panels help prices take a bit of a nosedive, but whether that’s a fair tradeoff for showing your stuff to the world is up to you.

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  • twoturntables


  • kindled

    Pity the prices don’t reflect the fact that they’re made of PVC. I think clear bags can be cute and fun and would make a fantastic beach bag, but not something I would drop more than $50, tops, on.

  • s

    How can a plastic non leather handbag cost $3,700?? I understand Chanel has their price premiums. But, when they’re selling the same handbag in full leather at the same price they look ridiculous.

    • Scottsdale Kim

      The emperor has no clothes….

  • Abbi


  • Abbi

    I was hoping more brands would follow Gucci and try to eliminate use of PVC. So bad for the environment…

  • Scottsdale Kim

    Nothing from the Furla Candy Collection?

    I purchased and returned a clear PVC Phillip Lim Pashli a few years ago after falling in love with it on the Purse Blog. I am a fanatic about keeping a tidy handbag but I was concerned that I would some how bruise the PVC with use and that it would start to look scratched and cloudy.

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