Designer Suitcases

Say you’re a person who owns a lot of designer bags. (That shouldn’t be too much of a stretch, if you’re already here.) You’re probably used to a certain level of quality and luxury in the things you carry, and when it comes time to get on a plane, you probably find your luggage a little bit underwhelming. Black Samsonite is functional and reasonably durable, of course, but the thrill just isn’t there. The good news is that your favorite brand probably has a designer suitcase ready for all your travel needs.

Louis Vuitton has, of course, been in the luggage game for more than a century, and other brand have dabbled here and there. Even more have expanded their offerings of weekenders and carryalls, making a luxury long-weekend even easier to pull off, even if your life doesn’t wholly match your Pinterest account of choice. Now, a lot of those brands are probing the last frontier of ever-more-massive luxury goods: actual suitcases. Most of the options below are rolling suitcases intended to be used as a carry-on, but let’s face it: if you can afford a $10,000 Valextra suitcase in pristine ivory leather, you can probably afford the $25 checked bag fee. (Or, you know, a private jet.)

The biggest travel season of the year is about to kick off, so now’s the time to make sure your luggage game is locked up. We, of course, have a few suggestions.

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  • kindled

    While I normally love their stuff, I must say that the givenchy looks a bit like a trash can in shape.

    • sara

      Exactly! I can’t stop seeing that either!

    • Iram

      Bahhahahahha. So true!

    • graefix

      A smiling trash can. The color certainly isn’t helping!

  • viennaprinzessin

    It takes about 2 minutes for my white pants to become dirty, so how long until the white suitcase? My nerves would be shot just trying to pack it and leave the house.

  • PortlandKelly

    Have you seen those places at the airport where they do an industrial-sized saran wrap of your suitcase to keep it clean during travel?!? Seriously disturbing, yet perfect for these expensive suitcases. :)

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