Sarah Michelle Gellar Lanvin Kentucky Tote
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These days you can look totally chic on your way to and from the gym. My problem is that when I leave a work out, my hair looks like a total scary mess (lots of random curling etc), my face is red, my body is tired, and my clothes most def do not smell great. I see a celeb photographed leaving a workout and they look stunning, each piece of hair in place, big smile, makeup, and ready for a paparazzi snap. This must be why I am not a celeb, I can’t do that. Sarah Michelle Gellar looked stunning on her way to (please tell me not from) a work out last week toting the beautiful Lanvin Kentucky Tote. This tote bag is oversized (measuring 16″x16.5″x5″) and features soft supple leather and brass hardware. Lanvin is making a huge name for itself in the handbag world and Gellar is looking pretty carrying it. Bag via Barneys for $1545 and Gellar via Freddie Prince Jr for a negotiable high amount.

Lanvin Kentucky Tote

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  • Jenny

    I don’t like this bag. Looks ugly. Doesn’t deserve that money!

  • Superqueen

    I like the shape of the bag but it costs way too much money and I don’t know if it’s totally worth it :sad:

  • Katie Hart

    I agree its a nice shape and overall it’s good but not worth that money for me :???:

  • nism

    is that really the bag she’s carrying? the handles on hers are rounded whereas the one pictured is flat

  • jess

    Sarah has a strong brown body. Her legs are hot i want to lick them. Shes especially hot in Buffy. Shes got beautifull eyes and skin.

  • chanal

    i think her bag it wonderful and cool. :lol: :razz: :smile: :eek: :mrgreen: :!:

  • Sanjay your are very handsome girl I like your boobs your Email id give me all the best

  • Kendra

    Likes like a horse. (fb)

  • Naggy

    The triple B- big, brown, and boring. (ipad)

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