Marc by Marc Jacobs Nylon Tote

I am a notorious over-packer. If there is a club that meets out there named ‘Over-packers anonymous’ I would be in it. I’m that person that thinks every shirt I own will be cute on my vacation. I even over-pack to come home where a) I have clothes here still and b) I typically live in a bikini. And with the one carry one, and one purse rule, I push the limits. My one carry on weighs more than my checked-in bag. My ‘purse’ knocks people’s heads off as I stroll down the isle. Sure, my shoulder and body hurts after carrying these from airport to airport, but by-golly I will not leave anything behind. So I am loving the Marc by Marc Jacobs Nylon Tote because it is a lightweight material, a huge bag, and does not cost as much as my typical carry on ‘purse’. The quilted logo lettering is hard to decipher on the pink nylon body. There is a tag on the front deemed a ‘workwear’ tag. Large pockets can be found on the sides, there are knot details at each handle, and a magnetic closure finishes off the bag. On the inside, more organizational pockets make me smile; including a zipper pocket and two patch pockets. The dimensions are large, measuring in at 18″H x 17″L x 5.5″D. Yes, this bag is huge, but for the price and considering the way I use my carry-on purse, this would be ideal. Take that airlines! Buy for a mere $178 at Shop Bop.

Marc by Marc Jacobs Nylon Tote

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  • sandy

    very cute!
    I’m a fellow over-packer too!
    I think I’ll need this for my hawaii trip coming in 2 weeks!

  • J

    i am an over packer too.
    i jam to much stuff in them and break straps. haha.
    i love the size of this.
    but i hate the color, it is so childish looking.

  • Ria

    Do they come in any other colours? Good for a gym bag…. :idea:

    • Miss Marina

      Yes, at bloomingdales they have them in black. :lol:

      Miss Marina

  • GeminiSparklers

    This is my favourite colour! And it sure looks chic…

  • justified

    I love it,especially the color.
    I think it also comes in dark grey

  • s.j.

    nice bag, but too big.

  • Liz

    I like it, but I like the pitch violet color better. :grin:

  • Rose

    That is just what I’ve been looking for! I think I might stop waiting for that Libertine bag to come in and get this one. Yeah!


    love love love this..
    super cute, great color..
    a definite “DO”

  • jay

    when you look in the picture with just the purse it looks smaller,i didnt kno the bag was that big,its cute but TOO BIG.

  • Mich

    does any one have this in the Pitch Violet color? if so, does the color look black?

  • Kacie

    This isn’t available on shopbop anymore, do you guys know where I could get it then?

  • pam

    i need one of these bags..does anyone know a site that actually has then in stock?!let me know please!

  • jess

    :!: this bag is huge!!
    I hope it comes in grey!!

  • auyreon

    I have this bag in black!
    Love it and carry it all the time, but the ties have a tendency to undo themselves if I put in more than my wallet, phone and keys! :roll:

    • Kat

      I have one in black too. I carry everything in (with a lot of weight) and the ties never undo themselves… They are sewn!

  • Miss Marina

    yes i saw them at bloomingdales in black*1*24*-1*-1*14

    i like it in pink though, i think it makes it fun!

  • KD

    This bag is great and is selling at Neiman Marcus for $99.00.

  • Kendra

    This bag is SOOO big, good lord. (fb)

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