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  • AshleyG

    Soooo much eye candy for 28 year old southern girl lusting after beautiful bags and mommyhood!!! My favorite “Many Bags…” to date!

  • ElleR

    Does anyone know what sunglasses Nicole Richie is wearing?

  • Absolutely loved this whole article! :)

  • Cara M

    Seriously, that picture of Charlize Theron. I mean, not fair. I had to stop and stare at her for a few seconds. She is so gorgeous. And so many beautiful bags!

    • kieraeastedi321

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    • nicole hwang

      I absolutely agree with you,i love charlize for how she is….. love her style….. and her bag…

      • VivienneGloverini

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      • And her boy is so cute! Such a cute little baby!

  • Bags? Love! Captions? No. -__-

    oh god, the “captions”/commentary headlining these photographs are cringeworthy and downright annoying. were they really necessary? i regret reading through them all, hoping things will get better…w/out luck. they read like a page straight out of a high school yearbook… purseblog, can you please raise the intelligence/sophistication/’professional’ bar just a slight? i love a good wit and humor now and then, but the writer came off as a pubescent high school boy who’s the only one laughing at his own jokes…

    now the bags and moms, on the other hand, chic!

    • Mya

      The captions were great, cry me a river!!!
      And you know you can put your point across without being so downright RUDE.

    • shueaddict

      I rather enjoyed Amanda’s light hearted banter.

    • We added the captions because readers asked us to add them back to articles like this one after we stopped doing them for a while.

      You can’t please everyone, but I’ll happily settle for pleasing the polite people.

      • Cara M

        I loved the captions. Made me giggle while enjoying all the beautiful bags.

      • Shaikhah

        I’m glad the captions are back. Loved them.

    • Cherryorchard

      Oh please, the captions were on-point and made the whole post much more enjoyable. With only pictures and names of the bags it would’ve been boring and I wouldn’t have watched it all the way down to the last bag.
      Stop being rude and stop reading the captions if they irritate you that much – can you please raise the intelligence/sophistication/’mannerspleaseeventhoughthisistheinternet’ bar on your comments just a slight? Thanks love.

    • troy

      loved the captions…Amanda is always so funny and witty :D

    • Venessa

      Definitely unnecessary to criticize this article. It is cute and funny. Have a sense of humor and don’t be so rude. Let’s celebrate these moms and their beautiful bags!

    • Deborah

      Anonymous – of course! Stick up butt straight and true. Relax and enjoy a few things woman! lol

      • Deborah

        . . . and . . . yes to the photo of Charlize. This is just how she looks! Capture a photo of me walking around and peeps just might scream – not in a good way. :)

  • Abbi

    I loved the captions! I laughed…
    Miranda seems like a photo opportunist to me…

    My favourite photos were Jennifer Garner-so loving-and i really liked the photo of Gwen and her adorable son (the first one he looks so dapper!)

  • Mya

    That was so much fun to go through; beautiful bags, stylish moms and funny captions! Meanwhile, how cute is Rachael Zoe’s son, gosh! As for Suri, indeed, she has mastered the art, that hand expertly shielded her face!

  • purselover

    All ugly….

  • Alex Chen

    Great article to enjoy for a bag lover on mother’s day! Captions are fun to read!

  • LuxeDesigners

    great photos!!

  • Adrianne

    Besides name of bag wish you would add date of photo and if bag is still available to purchase!!!! I love Angelina and all her bags!

  • MTJC

    Nice bag!!! Edge is looks so casual and easy to wear?? Want to hv one!

  • kiki

    That teeny Valentino that Angelina’s daughter is holding… So cute!

  • Mariann Worsinger

    This bag of Katie Holmes is the most reasonably priced bag yet, I just cannot justify thousands for a hand bag no matter who makes it. they are nice but a fairy tale for the working girl

  • “OK, I’ll admit to being as shallow as the next dog, but the only bag I’m REALLY interested in is the feed bag…..”

  • Pompon

    Don’t mind comments, the gerber baby, lol :D!

  • OMG is so stunning! Love her style.

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  • Either way; I agree!
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  • jennifertdahlen

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  • rayouxx

    Awesome moms ! Love Miranda Kerr =D

  • Finem Lauda

    Seeing Jennifer Garner with her daughter literally made me tear up a little bit. That is a really, really beautiful photograph of a mother and child.

  • Imgoingbroke

    I love Jessica Alba’s look. She’s gorgeous in a cotton top and ripped jeans. I love her McQueen Heroine bag the best of all. It’s so simple but chic. I’m not a fan of Rachel Zoe and her style, and I feel badly for her son…he’s her little dress up toy :(

  • beau sacs

    Miranda Kerr is absolutely gorgeous

  • Jen

    While I really enjoy looking at what other Moms use as a bag, the more I scrolled through these pictures, the more I felt really bad. Almost every shot shows children that clearly are disturbed by the photographers, you can also tell on the look of a lot of the moms. You captioning this doesn’t make it go away, you still use the pics (and all of the kids aren’t even blurred out!). I would imagine they just want to lead a normal life, like us.

  • Deluxemoda

    What’s the Top 10 PRADA handbag shopping website

  • Sherre Ann Wallace

    Best photo and caption is #6!

  • Guest

    Jennifer Garner looked the happiest! Maybe because her focus was on her adorable kids! :)

    Sjp wasn’t having it. LOL

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