Elie Tahari Fall ’12.

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  • Marie Martell

    Wow! Beautiful! Love the shape and color.

  • Suz

    Beautiful……but, it looks huge.  Is it a carry on?  You could fall in head first looking for something and never be seen again….

  • Rebecca

    Stunning.  I have to get a purse in this color.

  • fyun

    While it is pretty, but I am concerend about two things, 1. the weight 2. too stiff/structured. It is like carrying a tin box lol

  • amelia masniari

    Drollinggggzzzz love it so muchhhhh…. 

  • Mele Gellner

    Absolutely love it!!

  • 19yearslater

    I don’t even like croc, but the color and styling are so good I can’t help but enjoy this picture. 

  • No man can serve two masters

  • Janemanyo

    Vladi, is this your photo?

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