Fall Bags

Change is rough. Most people resist it, but when it comes to seasonal shifts, there’s not really any dodging the fact that you’re going to have to make some wardrobe changes in the next six weeks or so. It’ll be August by the end of the week, and then you’re just a hop, skip and a jump from September, which is when most parts of the country really start to feel like they might be shifting away from the summer sun. Dressing for changing weather can be tricky, but we’re here to take the guesswork out of choosing a transitional handbag.

When picking a bag that can straddle a seasonal divide, the best thing you can do for yourself is go for a rich color or texture. Neutral trim is also a nice element to have – it grounds the color of the rest of the bag firmly in versatility, and it can help tone down a bright that’s often associated with warm weather. If you’re more of a neutral-lover, then your best bet is a tan or grey bag; not too dark, not too light. Below, we’ve assembled 10 of our favorites from the current market, and we’ve capped them at $650 – you know, just in case you’ve got some late-summer travel plans to save for.

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  • bag lover

    this bag is so beautiful, the blue is so trend right and I love the bow detail !!!
    gotta get me one of these

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