Furla Adriana Slouchy HoboSo, how do we all feel about navy blue bags? The trend has been ongoing for a while now, and we’ve all had time to get used to the idea. Have any of you guys bought them? Do you get as much use out of them as you would a black or grey bag? Would you buy them again?

I haven’t bought one because I fear that it would clash with my wardrobe, which is largely comprised of blacks, dark greys, and brights. I don’t think navy would work with the amount of black that I normally wear, and you have to be kind of careful about mixing brights with other colors. So I’m not sure that navy is for me, but if it was, I’d be lusting after the Furla Adriana Slouchy Hobo. As far as bags that I would buy, it’s prototypical: hobo shape, decent elbow clearance for swinging it onto my arm, slouchy-and-thick leather. If it was a different color and had an outside pocket for my Blackberry, you could sign me up for one of these today. Buy through Saks for $495.

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  • Amanda

    I’ve never purchased a navy bag but there’s always a first time for everything! This Furla one looks nice and slouchy.

  • Terryl

    I LOVE NAVY. Okay, I wear a lot of black and grey, too, but I can’t even tell you how much I lovelovelove my gorgeous navy bag. It just reminds me of nautical stuff, which is SO timeless and happy!

    I feel like the navy is unexpected, and against my perpetually pale skin (can’t help it! I’ma ginger!), it is less harsh than black…I actually wear navy nail polish for this very reason.

    Anyway, don’t fear the navyyyy! I bet you’d love it :D

  • Rufina

    I have about 5 navy bags ranging in “navy-ness” and they mix very well with black and grey, especially grey, not taupe like grey, but more silver like grey-ldard navy bag ooks very sharp and crispy with white shirt and grey slacks -nautical just like Terryl said
    I actually once did a whole set on Polyvore-greys and navys, various shades, it was pretty

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