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  • Jane

    She is my celebrity handbag soul mate. I love her bags and the way she dresses not to mention I love her company and what it stands for, sorry off topic, but being a mom to an almost two year old, all those nasty products out there scare you. Anyway back to the real story her bags are fab and I want this Target bag as well, I hope I am lucky enough to get one.

  • Propafly

    Ahh, a simply dreadful look. Absolutely ghastly, what a chav.

    • Guest

      A chav? really? She isn’t wearing a Burberry tracksuit with gold chains, so no! You’ve already made it perfectly clear that you are not excited about Phillip Lim for Target, but you need to get over it.

  • There are 3 bags from this collaboration that look pretty promising, I too hope I can get my hands on at least 1.

  • Marco

    Does anyone happen know where this sweater she is wearing is from? I love it!

    • vivianmwz

      It’s from the Phillip Lim for Target line.

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