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We love accessories as much as (or maybe more than) anyone, but accessories can’t exist in a vacuum. Handbags, shoes and jewelry are powerful because of the ways that they interact with each other and with the clothes that we wear, and orchestrating a look sometimes feels like trying to fit the last pieces into a jigsaw puzzle.

Oscar de la Renta Fall/Winter 2013 Collection (1)

There was so much build up and anticipation ahead of the Oscar de la Renta Fall 2013 collection. Ever since the brand announced that Oscar would take ex-Dior designer John Galliano into his studio, the fashion world has been buzzing about this collection.

Oscar de la Renta Clutch 6

Oscar de la Renta is the king of elegance and glamour, so it only makes sense that his unique, highly detailed aesthetic continues to flourish in his accessories collections. I’ve watched his handbags transform, becoming more refined and beautiful season by season, and it’s fitting that the designer has one of the best clutch games out there.

Oscar de la Renta Glossi

Earlier this week we introduced you to Glossi, a website where anyone can put together their own online magazines. One of the great things about Glossi is that there is so much flexibility. If you had a chance to flip through the Fall 2012 Textures Glossi we shared on Monday, you probably noticed that we were able to share the same information that you would get from a regular magazine, but with the added bonus of having the products just a click away.

Happy Thanksgiving 2012 (1)

It’s been one crazy year thus far, but we have so much to be thankful for. Vlad and I are thankful for our family, friends, health, and great blessings. And on top of that, we are thankful for our work; from our amazing team we have the pleasure of calling our coworkers to our fabulous forum members and readers.

Oscar de la Renta for Spring/Summer 2013 (1)

Before I had ever attended one of Oscar de la Renta’s shows, I never thought the designer’s wares would speak to me. As it turns out, that could not be further from the truth – Oscar’s offerings are so drop-dead stunning that I have a hard time keeping myself from bolting onto the runway and taking outfits from the models bodies look by look.

Oscar de la Renta Resort 2013 (15)

A few times a year, Vlad and I have the absolute pleasure to delve into the glamorous and gorgeous world of Oscar de la Renta. Last week on a rainy NYC evening overlooking Bryant Park, de la Renta showed his Resort 2013 collection.

Oscar de la Renta Lipp Bag

Oscar de la Renta is one of my absolute favorite designers. I typically dress more casually than the clothes he offers, but when I’m looking for something a little fancier, I always think of his designs.

Oscar de la Renta has stepped up his accessory game. Over the past few collections, I have watched the bags get progressively better. While his clothing and gowns have always told the tale of beauty and grace, the bags never quite lured me in as much. But as of late, I truly can’t stop singing praises for Oscar’s bags. And that, dear readers, is the magic of this industry. A brilliant handbag designer can pop up in a second and lure us all in. Oscar is far from new to the fashion world, but his bags are new to my lust-worthy list.

Currently, I can’t stop ogling the Oscar de la Renta Marelia Clutch. Meticulously embroidered, this clutch is available in yellow and blue. (more…)

Every fashion week the biggest highlight for me is entering the world of a designer whose aesthetic is so composed, his collections always so utterly beautiful I have a hard time leaving at the end of the show. I am speaking of Oscar de la Renta, a man that is a permanent fixture of both the fashion world and the American design world.

Icy blues and pale pinks glided down the runway for Oscar de la Renta Fall 2012, some with so much volume that the gowns took over the entire width of the runway. We were taken into a fairy-tale world where Cinderella met the embellishment Queen. Simple yet gorgeous headbands adorned with crystals held back full, wispy hair, and ladylike shoes pranced down the runway. The fishnet stockings were an unexpected addition but they worked so beautifully against the femininity of the clothing.

Most important to note is that the bags from Oscar de la Renta are taking a major stride forward, with a much more contemporary-cool feel. Structured clutches offset with fur and stone accents added a modern touch to the collection. Oscar never lets us down and the success of the collection could well be seen from the applause and smiles across everyone’s faces, including Anna Wintour’s, during the show’s finale.

On Valentine’s Day, Vlad and I will be spending the evening with Karlie Kloss along with other beautiful models at the Oscar de la Renta show. It is the perfect evening for me as I love being taken into the dream world that Oscar creates season after season and obviously for Vlad as he gets to photograph the top models in the industry. My current model crush is Karlie Kloss who walks and works the runway magically.

Wearing one of my favorite looks from Oscar de la Renta, this Red Silk Taffeta Strapless Gown could not look more perfect on Karlie. This look is the definition of fierce and it is precisely what I am coveting and loving today. Via Oscar de la Renta for $4,990.

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