Charlotte Olympia What a Peach Suede Clutch

When it comes to adding novelty to high-end luxury, shoe designers have found the most recent success; shoes have relatively little surface area and are far away from the natural line of sight, so they seem like less of a risk. They’re also less expensive than bags, on average, which makes the purchase of something that’s both luxurious and highly specific seem a little bit less like an unreasonable splurge. As bold, weird, literal shoes have gained traction, though, novelty handbags have followed right behind.

Fall’s crop isn’t the first group of weird bags to make landfall, but for the coming season, more designers than ever are following in the steps of fashion’s resident oddballs like Charlotte Olympia and Lulu Guinness. Check out a dozen of our favorites below.

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  • missarewa

    give me the lulu guinness clutch and the redvalentino snow white tote!! i’m in love!

    • Amanda Mull

      There were a few other REDValentino pieces that I thought about including, too; it seems like Valentino has decided to go in a bolder, less overtly girlish direction with the brand, which I think is totally welcome. I love the Snow White tote, too.

  • Courtney McAlexander

    The snow white bag is the standout for me as well! I also like it in the clutch version.

  • Chicagoshopper

    I think designers are really messing with the masses with these.

  • nappy

    I think the stella is the lovechild of an antigona body and a sac du jour handle with the dolce and gabbana star motif from a few seasons back.

  • Aliza Zibkoff

    eye, eye, eye! That Pierre Hardy clutch is not easy to look at.

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