There are many ways to get into the holiday spirit. For some people, it might be beginning your holiday shopping, listening to festive music or getting your inaugural gingerbread latte at Starbucks. For Olympia Le-Tan, it’s apparently creating another of signature book-themed clutches. We tend to agree with her, though – what better way to get in the holiday spirit then toting around a holiday classic like this Olympia Le-Tan How The Grinch Stole Christmas Embroidered Clutch to all your holiday parties?

Olympia Le-Tan has recreated many classics in literature as book clutches, like The Catcher In The Rye and The Great Gatsby, for instance, in realistic embroidered book covers. It was only a matter of time until her signature clutches turned to classic Christmas stories, and now several just debuted at Net-A-Porter. All of Le-Tan’s book clutches are handmade, and that includes this beautifully detailed Grinch clutch. The front of this clutch is exactly how many remember the Dr. Seuss classic hard cover book, and despite his temperament, the Grinch clutch is bound to bring a smile to any bag and book lover’s face. Well Mr. Grinch, if someone gave us this Olympia Le-Tan clutch this Christmas, I think my heart might grow three sizes too.

Buy your festive Grinch Clutch for $2,125 via Net-a-Porter.

Givenchy handbags can be oddly hard to find on the Internet. For a big, buzzy brand that allows its bag to be sold online, not all that many major web retailers bother to stock them. Bergdorf Goodman will sell you a Givenchy bag over the Internet, but much-larger sister company Neiman Marcus will not. Neither will Saks, and up until late last week, neither would Net-a-Porter. Thankfully, that last part’s changed.

As of Friday, you can shop a pretty great debut selection of Givenchy bags at Net-a-Porter, including new-for-Fall 2013 styles like a new, more structured Pandora shoulder bag and a colorblocked neutral version of the old Mini Pandora. While we’re on the subject of mini, a new, tiny, crossbody version of the fan-favorite Nightingale is also newly on offer at NAP. Check out the site’s full Givenchy selection or shop our picks below!

The influence of the Asian market on luxury fashion gets stronger seemingly every day. Yesterday, news broke that Hermes’ quarterly profits leapt nearly 25% based on the strength of leather goods sales in Asia – no small feat on top of the handbag giant’s already-soaring financials. Today, we’re pleased to announce that Net-a-Porter, one of our favorite online department stores, has launched a new homepage servicing the Asian Pacific market and Chinese-language customers. Previously, Net-a-Porter’s international site had serviced parts of Asia, but the new site expands that coverage and offers several new benefits to Asian customers.

The new site is available through and will geo-target automatically for customers located within the countries it services. Alternately, both location and language preferences are manually customizable for all customers, regardless of physical location, and Mandarin Chinese has been added to the site’s language options. The Asia Pacific site also features pricing specific to the market and a product selection almost identical to that of the North American site. According to a Net-a-Porter spokesperson, the site’s launch means that customers in the Asia Pacific market will enjoy faster, lower-cost delivery than they had experienced in the past, as well as the addition of a customer care team in their time zone.

With what often feels like exponential growth in the Asian market, the future of the luxury industry will likely be won, at least in part, by the businesses who are able to find ways to best serve Asian customers, who are generally a world away from and speaking a different language than a brand’s headquarters and corporate staff. With this local site launch, Net-a-Porter seems as though it intends to be one of those companies.

Countries and localities serviced by the new site include Australia, China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, New Zealand, the Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam.

Ready to shop? Visit our Net-a-Porter boutique, full of PurseBlog picks!

Net-a-Porter Asia Pacific Product Page Chinese

Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, right after I wake up, I immediately refresh Net-A-Porter to see the new arrivals. It has become a personal ritual, and I wouldn’t have it any other way; Net-A-Porter always stocks some of the best accessories and clothing you can find anywhere on the Internet.

We are always sharing our favorite bags and accessories with you guys, but we decided to take it a step further by partnering with Net-A-Porter to create the PurseBlog Net-A-Porter Store, which is a totally shoppable guide to our favorite pieces from one of our favorite online retailers. From colorful spring accents to classic black bags to jewelry and accessories, we have put together a store of our favorite items to help you finish your look.

Shop the PurseBlog Net-A-Porter Store now!!

The closer we get to spring (actual spring, not fashion spring – fashion spring has been here since September), the more interesting the whole Saint Laurent handbag situation gets. At this point, we all know how Hedi Slimane’s presence at the brand has impacted the uber-popular Cabas ChYc Bag, and now Net-a-Porter’s New Arrivals page gives us some more insight on the other kinds of bags that Slimane has planned for the brand. We’re definitely headed in a Celine direction, ladies and gents.

We’ve taken a close look at the Saint Laurent Medium Classic Duffel, which retails for $2,650, in the past, but the Saint Laurent Reversible Shopper Tote, $1,495, and Saint Laurent YSL Clutch are new. Of the three bags, I think the YSL logo clutch is the most interesting – it’s a definitely indication that Slimane intends to make good on his word and continue to use the iconic company logo to which so many luxury consumers are attached, but it also makes me feel like he has a leg in two different brands. So what do you think? Check out all of Net-a-Porter’s new arrivals this-a-way.

When our friends at Net-A-Porter reached out to see if we loved Loewe bags as much as they do, I nearly jumped on my chair, Tom Cruise-style, to yell out “YES!” Loewe is a brand I’ve always loved even though it’s tricky to track down in the US, but that will all change. One of our favorite e-tailers will be carrying the coveted Spanish brand and I’m thrilled.

Starting today, Loewe bags will be available on Net-A-Porter. Including the highly sought-after Amazona and Flamenco, Loewe is a perfect fit on Net-A-Porter. The team decided to add the luxury brand to its site, and and they rave about the color and butter-soft quality of the leather goods. All I can say is, thank you Net-A-Porter for adding a lust-worthy brand to your designer list. Shop Loewe on Net-A-Porter now!

For fashionistas worldwide there’s one twice-yearly sale for which we all anxiously wait. It’s the Net-A-Porter Semi-Annual Sale, of course, and it’s by far one of the most exciting things that happens in the online retail world. I’ve been anxiously awaiting this sale for both myself and to share with you, simply because there are so many items I have been coveting and now they are marked down. This is a post that does not need explanation, and we will be sharing our favorite picks with you later. But for now, don’t miss out and shop the amazing Net A Porter Sale!!

Shop the Net-A-Porter Semi-Annual Sale!

Shop all new bags at NETAPORTER.COM

You know how I know it is Monday? When I wake up and check, new bags have arrived to their virtual storefront. And the group of new arrivals this week has me especially excited. A lot of Christian Louboutin bags with a sprinkling of Victoria Beckham and Miu Miu bags, the new arrivals let us know that dressing for fall and winter is in full force now.

Victoria Beckham continues to reel in her fans with simple refined designs. My vote this week goes to her bags and the lovely Lanvin that has landed as well. Which bags do you love?

Shop new bags at now!

We love the folks at Net-A-Porter and as their site continues expanding so does their imaginations. We have the first look for you all at their new Bag Guide which focuses on trends for the upcoming season. NAP labels Jewel Colors, Modern Minimalist, Snakes & Leopard, The 70′s, and The New Clutch as the major categories.

Best part is the amazing video is the Rube Goldberg sequence used to create the video. For every handbag related action there was a reaction, but they were all high-end fashionable ones.

Click here to watch and shop Net-A-Porter’s new Bag Guide!!

Shop all new bags at NETAPORTER.COM

The bags are coming, the bags are coming! Finally, after the expected summer lull of new product, our favorite shops are filling up with the upcoming seasons’ accessories so quickly I can not keep up.

A few weeks ago, I felt bored and had to scour the web for something interesting to cover, but there will be no need for further scouring as Net-A-Porter has been filling their “What’s New” category each planned day this week (Monday, Wednesday, Friday). I see funky, classic, and comfortable options arriving new to the handbag section. Also, be on the lookout for many bags from Victoria Beckham to hit the virtual shelves. Are you feeling any of these new bags?

Shop new bags at now!

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