Gucci Wallpaper Any of you thinking of remodeling your house? If you are I am sure you have to go through the never-ending process of choosing paint color, wallpaper design, cabinets, fixture selections, etc, etc. So when you are looking for that perfect wallpaper to add to let’s say your family room or your bedroom, would you ever consider this Gucci Wallpaper?

Kids BackpackYesterday after a day trip to Cologne (in the northeast part of Germany), I realized that I have been leaving out a huge part of our population: the kids! Shame on me. This was never intentional, trust me!

Gucci Log CarrierI do not know what we would do without sales!!! And a sale from Gucci nonetheless. Here is the clincher. It’s for a totally off the wall product. Think hard about what you would associate Gucci with.

Marc Jacobs Collection Soft Calf Cosmetics PouchI love my makeup. I do not use it hardly ever, but I love it. Whenever I go to the mall I always head into Sephora or Nieman Marcus to buy makeup, which I do not need or use.

RG House of Florence Elephant CollectionClose the shutters, secure the doors, bring the children inside and the dogs, too… because the elephants are out and the jungle is going nuts! Hah… you have to understand that I have a thing for elephants.

Gucci Wine CarrierAs summer slowly approaches, it is time for pool parties, dinner parties, yacht rides, etc. I know I have always been a wine giver, hey, it’s simple, but the presentation is always lacking. Some of these dinner parties are more like royal parties, and although the
wine I give is very nice, I always feel like something is missing.

Coach Straw Picnic BasketAhh how I love Coach. I do realize that this is the Purse Blog but why not hit the road less traveled every once in a while and feature something totally different and out of the ordinary.

We do apologize sincerely, but there is a very good reason things have been slow this week here at the purse blog. After 2 months of separation, the resident love birds Megs and Vladi have finally been reunited in the central European country of Germany.

Choco Choco House Chocolate Purses

The title somewhat says it all. Purses made out of chocolate. I doubt the force of desirable seduction has ever been as intense as on that one, Luke. Aliya at Choco Choco House does a great job with her petite choco treasures, two thumbs up for the fantastic idea and treats that’ll make many many tum tums happy.

Fontanelli Golf Ball HolderMen love to golf. Will women ever understand it fully? Probably not, since golfing isn’t typically the woman’s sport of choice. What I do know is that men will drop thousands of dollars on golf clubs, bags, shoes, balls, etc.