louis_vuitton_monogram_satchel_handbag2.jpgThe Louis Vuitton section of The Purse Forum is always hustle bustle and a wealth of knowledge about new bags. Yesterday Couturegrl inquired about a new LV bag she spotted in Cosmo magazine, and POOF! the detectives of tPF helped her find pics and an approximate price. The Louis Vuitton Patent Leather Monogram Satchel is a large body bag with a triangular shape. The approximate retail is $1680. Please let everyone on the forum know if you have any other information. Inquire with Louis Vuitton. Now back to the board!

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  • Patricia Hooks

    Where can I locate a pictyre on the forum. I typed in in exaxctly an nothing popped up. I will continue to look.

  • Funkygurli3


    Soorry peeps, but it looks like a GIANT dustbag.

  • absolutanne

    Oh my! It’s a $1700 LV trash bag!! it comes with the pull string to tie it up too! Wow, this one’s so not for me. I’m sorry girls! :-/

  • Sarah-Jayne

    Oh this bag is frickin Awful it look slike some on estuck a sticker in the middle it is hideous !!

  • Not a fan

    Glad forceflex at a higher price

  • Naggy

    It looks like a trashbag with a gold plate on it. (ipad)

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