Jessica Biel is all smiles when exiting Good Morning America in NYC

Today we have the new Mrs. Justin Timberlake exiting the Good Morning America studios in NYC with her dainty Louis Vuitton Speedy Bandouliere Empreinte. While the bag looks fuchsia pink here under paparazzo lighting, this is actually the red “Orient” version. Jessica Biel looks ridiculously excited to be out, considering how early in the morning it probably was, but why miss a chance to flaunt an iconic Louis Vuitton design like this one? You can purchase it from the LV website for $2490.

Jessica was at GMA promoting her latest film, the rom-com soccer romp, Playing For Keeps. To us, though, Ms. Biel’s bag choices are even more compelling than her films. We chronicled her career in clutches, hobos, and handbags last month in “The Many Bags of Jessica Biel”, and believe it or not, this is only the second Louis Vuitton we’ve ever spotted her with. (The girl has a serious Fendi fetish, however.) Sidebar: You will never see another celeb smile bigger for a random camera man than Jessica Biel. Of course, if you were married to JT, wouldn’t you smile too?

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  • AshleyG

    haha, thanks for the clarification on the bag’s true color because I read the title and thought- OMG, one of us is terribly color blind!

  • anouk

    YUP, this is one gorgeous, beautiful red! I’ve seen this purse in person however, I’m saving my moolah for that bigger purse also in Empriente.

    • anouk


  • Oliana –

    Very nice! The leather is amazingly soft and plumped up, a great everyday bag especially in this colour!

  • Miles

    just a comment on this note : ” You will never see another celeb smile bigger for a random camera man”
    I thought her smile was big because her mouth was big …just saying

  • cabernetvine

    The color is actually “aurore”, not “orient.” Aurore is a cranberry shade, and Orient is an orange shade. I love the bag!

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