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  • AshleyG

    haha, thanks for the clarification on the bag’s true color because I read the title and thought- OMG, one of us is terribly color blind!

  • anouk

    YUP, this is one gorgeous, beautiful red! I’ve seen this purse in person however, I’m saving my moolah for that bigger purse also in Empriente.

    • anouk


  • Oliana –

    Very nice! The leather is amazingly soft and plumped up, a great everyday bag especially in this colour!

  • Miles

    just a comment on this note : ” You will never see another celeb smile bigger for a random camera man”
    I thought her smile was big because her mouth was big …just saying

  • cabernetvine

    The color is actually “aurore”, not “orient.” Aurore is a cranberry shade, and Orient is an orange shade. I love the bag!

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