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Jimmy Choo It’s really a shame that the one time Jimmy Choo makes a bag that doesn’t cost a bazillion dollars, it’s as bland and kinda cheap-looking. The Jimmy Choo Metallic Hobo has very little personality – one of its only points of visual interest is a simple exposed seam down the middle that holds together the two big pieces of leather. And it’s not even a contrast-stitched seam.

Perhaps its just the color, but does the leather look super thin and maybe a bit vinyl-like to anyone else? Maybe sorta like the PVC that they makes Target bags out of? Because that’s how it’s reading to me, and there is no situation in which that is a compliment to the bag. And if they’re going to have a bag this simple (read: boring) then they’ve really got to bring their A-game as far as leather goes, don’t you think? Gorgeous, thick, smooshy leather could have saved them and gotten a good review, particularly at this price point. But this bag looks entirely like an afterthought, and who wants to pay a grand for that? Buy through Saks for $1095.

As the great Nina Garcia once said on Project Runway, the fastest way to look cheap is to wear something short, tight, and shiny. I’m paraphrasing, but you get the idea – a confluence of characteristics can sometimes say exactly the wrong thing in a way that no one design flaw could say it by itself. That’s what appears to be going on with the Jimmy Choo Rosie Bag. First, the patent. Then the animal print. Then the color that no mammal has ever been accused of being. Then the overly trendy shape. One or two of these things, by themselves, may have been excusable.

Jimmy Choo Rosie Leopard Print Bag

It may still have been a cute bag. But when you combine all of these aspects together, they manage to simultaneously overwhelm and underwhelm me, if you get what I’m sayin’. I generally like things that verge a little bit into tacky territory, but this particular bag does cartwheels into it. And ultimately, it’s nothing if not mighty unfortunate. Buy through Saks for $895.

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"Yield, Choo!" Jimmy Choo Robin, $1,395

Info: Jimmy Choo Robin Biker Leather and Elaphe Snake Bag. $1,395 via Jimmy Choo or Net-A-Porter.

At this point, Jimmy Choo has made so many of these belt-top bags that I’m starting to get really confused. This one is called the Jimmy Choo Riley Hobo. Whatever it’s name, I’m sure to get it mixed up with all of their other belted options. Do I think that’s a bad thing? Not necessarily; it would be if this was their only line, but they’ve got a few other looks going on simultaneously. I’m ok with it, I think it’s a good look, and I wouldn’t mind owning one. They’re professional without being boring to look at, and that’s pretty rare. I’d take it in a color besides boring beige, though, but that’s easy to fix.

Jimmy Choo Riley Hobo

I like that this one can be more easily shoulder-carried than a lot of their tote options (I never, ever buy totes – they fall off my shoulder), but I would have preferred it with one strap. What’s up with companies lately adding an extra strap to their hobos? It’s so not necessary, and one strap on any two-strap bag is constantly fall off for me. Can we not all agree that hobos, at the very least, should be free of unnecessary extra straps? Buy through Saks for $1995.

In general, I hate being called by nicknames. Mandy. Manda. All kind of annoying, all not my name. There have been very few people in my life who have gotten away with calling me either, and no one currently has the privilege. I’d like to keep it that way. I don’t mind calling other things by those names, though, and I’m completely fine with the Jimmy Choo Manda Suede Bag.

In fact, I can’t believe I haven’t written about it already. I’ve expressed previously that I like the way that Choo has mixed leather and suede in many of their recent bags, and I think a deep color like navy blue demonstrates the difference between the two fabric types to great effect.

Jimmy Choo Manda Suede Bag

Navy is dark, but my favorite color to wear in spring and summer is white, and nothing looks better with white than navy. As a result, it works as a spring bag, even though it’s dark and partly suede, and I think that the folks at Jimmy Choo have pulled off a very clever trick by realizing that. Of course, navy also works really well for fall, meaning that a bag like the Manda is one of the few purses I’ve seen lately that will actually work year-round. It’s a bit expensive, but if it’s wearable beyond a few months of the year, it’s money well-spent. Just don’t call me Manda. Buy through Net-a-Porter for $1595.

Jimmy Choo Monna Large ToteSuede? Not really a springtime fabric. It’s too plush and matte and touch-y. Most lines stay away from using it in their warm-weather lines, saving it instead for winter when its tactile nature is more welcomed by most people. But Jimmy Choo? Jimmy Choo does not listen to your silly fabric rules. If they want to make a spring bag out of suede, then that’s exactly what they’ll do! As a result, we present the Jimmy Choo Monna Large Tote. And despite the fact that suede and summer seem like an unlikely duo, I think the combo totally works here. There are two reasons why, the color being the first and most obvious. I LOVE THIS COLOR. It’s awesome. It’s so summery and will do that bright-as-neutral trick really well. If you’re feeling totally uninspired in the morning, put on a white skirt and a solid colored top, then add this bag, and suddenly you look great. Add some gladiators, and BAM! Perfect summer outfit. It also works because the suede is an accent, instead of the entire bag. An entirely suede bag is still a no-no for the heat because the material is so…absorbent, for lack of a better word. It shouldn’t be near the body if you might sweat. On the other hand, this bag is mostly leather, and the suede inset provides an interesting textural accent to the rest of the material. Well played, Jimmy Choo, well played. Buy through Nordstrom for $1995.

Jimmy Choo Martha Clutch

The tribal theme has caught on at Jimmy Choo and there are two accessories that not only look amazing together but also give a smashing effect. Pairing the Jimmy Choo Martha Clutch with the Jimmy Choo Corsica Sandals will make a bold impact. My attention has moved from the calming ivory and neutrals of my wedding theme to in-your-face animal prints. Opposite ends of the spectrum, sure, why not? Wear the perfect little black dress and add vavoom with your accessories, that is our motto here. This Jimmy Choo clutch appeals to my need for animal print. What I love most is the leopard printed pony is broken up in the middle of the bag with tan suede. This gives you the animal print you desire without going overboard. The clutch is zip expandable and is featured, along with the stunning shoes, in the SS09 Advertising Campaign. Buy through Jimmy Choo for $1,595.

Color, color and more color. Although I usually stray away from handbags with a variety of bright colors, I think this handbag might have changed my mind just a bit. As I came across the Jimmy Choo Celeste Rainbow Clutch I found myself imagining carrying it around while bringing in the New Year. Now, I’ll be up front, I do have New Year’s on my mind right now. What to do, what to wear, who to see – all the things that go through our minds. Yet whether I find myself celebrating with a few friends or hitting the town until the wee hours of the morning, this is a bold New Year’s clutch I’d love to have in hand. (more…)

There is a combination of love from Jimmy Choo that results in a handbag masterpiece. The shape of the Ramona Tote, the studs from the Jimmy Choo Zulu Stud Clutch, and the weave of the Rio clutch, results in the beauty that is the Jimmy Choo Riki Patent Bag. Jimmy Choo simply took the good from a variety of their bags to make a stunning design. The mauve patent leather is lust worthy, the gold hardware with a touch of studs gives a sweet edge, and the rings at the top of the buckle fastening straps look super cool. There is just something about this bag that I love. Not to mention the inside is lined with lilac trim, which is like the perfect hint of girly! Buy through Net A Porter for $1895.

Last month I lamented over my lost Jimmy Choo Zulu Clutch. Tragic, I know. And then, last week, it appeared. Why wouldn’t I have looked in an old shoe box that had some random items from when I moved into this place over 6 months ago? Silly me. My final cleaning and finally going through every single nook and cranny of this house took many hours of many days, but it finally complete. I have been reacquainted with my Jimmy Choo bag and I adore it. And no, I do not typically treat my bags like that, very unlike me. (more…)

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