For a long time, I wasn’t a major lipstick fan, and I suppose it was simply because I couldn’t find the right shade to work on me and I was intimidated by the multitude of colors. Not long ago, though, I came to the conclusion that it takes time for everyone to find the shade(s) that work and it is all about trial and error. Recently, I added a few NARS lipsticks to my beauty collection, and after trying many out, I am obsessed. Much of my love not only comes from the beautiful colors, but also from the smooth application and luxury feel of the lipstick.

Right now I can’t leave the house without my NARS lipsticks in my bag, and the color I have on my lips today is Roman Holiday.

Roman Holiday is a sheer delicate pastel pink hue, that when applied with one layer adds the perfect touch of beautiful. I am still on the hunt to find the right red hue for me that doesn’t make me look like a clown, but I am sure NARS has something that would work. Each lipstick is $24 via Sephora.

What lipstick is your go-to that you always have in your bag?

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  • Cindy

    i think your sponsored posts should have an indication that it is an advertorial.

    •  If and when we do sponsored posts we do mark them – but this is not one

  • sarah

    how much did Nars pay you to do this?

    •  They didn’t – this isn’t a sponsored post, it is truly the lipstick I am wearing and carrying in my bag :)

  • Beata

    You are right , Nars lipsticks are great. I have roman holiday and I love it. Try some eye shadows, they have great colors.

    •  What’s your favorite shadow color from them?

      • Beata

        I love Kalahari which are in rich brown and Alahambra( gold )

  • Reneeo

    I am a huge lipstick fan, right now I am loving Dior.  The texture is wonderful and they have pretty good staying power.

  • Kelly

    I have thin lips so I find Chanel’s Rouge Coco Shines perfect for me. I love Evasion, Boy and Style. They smell gorgeous too!

  • mzagbern

    I love NARS! 1) the velvet lip gloss pencil in “new lover” might solve your red lip dilemma, 2) love the cream eye shadows, 3) the blush in “luster” is like a combo bronzer/blush ( I am fair skinned- so I am careful about looking orange!). Enjoy!

  • Mj

    I have to have my chanel rouge coco shine.

  • SbergMD

    I love Nars, too.  I found “Gipsy” a near perfect sheer red.  Also “Manhunt” is brighter,but not overwhelming.  Only problem with Nars is that sometimes “stayability” is low.  I recently tried Estee Lauder’s Pure Color line, and love the colors and texture.  “Bitten Fig” is a perfect red.

    • weaslgrl

      I second the suggestions for “Gypsy” as a gorgeous non-intimidating red.

  • Diane Pedersen

    Have you tried the Lipstick Queen line? They have a “sinner” formula that is 90% pigment. It says on a long time, but is not drying. The “saint” line is sheer. I am not a fan of any sheer formulations.

  • Yerani

    The Velvet Matte Pencils from Nars have some great choices in red, but I have to say the Rouge D’Armani collection from Giorgio Armani has some amazing reds! And they don’t turn, which is key for a good red! Good luck on your hunt…

  • 19yearslater

    I haven’t found a lipstick I love, maybe I should try Nars. 

  • My go-tos are my Revlon bright orange lippy and my trio set of Sephora glosses – the one Rose shade is the best natural gloss I’ve found yet!

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