Reese Witherspoon carries a white Hermes Birkin bag in Los Angeles (5)

Is it madness to invest $10K in a single handbag, or is it madness to invest $10K in a single handbag, and then get it in white? Reese Witherspoon seems like exactly the type of person who would tempt fate with a brilliant white Hermes Birkin. Here she is leaving a hair salon in LA with her perfectly unblemished Birkin in tow. (Places I would not take a white Birkin: the hair salon, the park, a bar, a restaurant…it would just live in my closet in a glass case, basically.)

As an obscenely wealthy A-lister, Reese, of course, has ALL the designer bags you covet, as well as a few you don’t even know you need yet. You can check out a major chunk of her handbag collection in “The Many Bags of Reese Witherspoon”. Reese is on PB so frequently that I wouldn’t be at all surprised if “Part 2″ was well on its way…

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  • Judith

    First of all i wouln’t buy a birkin, and if i would buy a designer bag that expensive no way that I would choose white!, so difficult to take care of it and getting worried not to stain it…oh nightmares!!

  • ottercat

    Ii’d like to think she has a bottle of Jack in there.

    • Kate W.

      I can’t like this enough

  • Guest

    She probably doesn’t even know what the bag cost. $10K to her is like $10 to me. She makes throwaway movies for a throwaway culture. When the bag is ruined, she’ll throw that away, too.

    • andré

      totally. (and this white version é really beautiful)

  • Iréne Shûkriya-Dutta Scharief

    She has the money to clean the bag every week at the bag spa :-)

  • anouk

    i like the white Hermes but the white jacket is just too matchy-matchy. :(


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