Naya Rivera Hermes Kelly Bag

Here’s Glee star Naya Rivera out in Soho with a sleek, black Hermes Kelly Bag. I repeat, that’s Naya Rivera, not Kim Kardashian, but the resemblance here is startling. If you told me she and Kim K shared a colorist and a makeup artist, I’d absolutely believe you. Naya is in town for fashion week, natch, and she attended the Michael Kors show on Wednesday. Only select Hermes bags are sold online, and of course, the Kelly is not one of them, but you can find one at any Hermes boutique.

All creepy Kardashian vibes aside, I don’t love this look on Naya – I feel all the volume here really drowns her small frame. This is an outfit I’d expect to see on a chic senior fashion mag editor darting around NYFW, but never Naya Rivera. Naya is notorious for showing skin, and seeing so little of it here is somewhat disorienting, frankly, even in the dead of winter. I feel like I’ve been complaining about seasonally under-dressed celebs for weeks now, but now I take it all back. If Naya Rivera can’t rock designer sandals and a bare midriff in mid-February, then no one can!

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  • Guest

    Sh looks NOTHING LIKE Kim Kartrashian. What an insult. Or perhaps you think we all look alike so it doesn’t matter, anyway.

    • Zaragoza

      Who is “we”?
      Naya is black and Puerto Rican. Kim is Armenian.

      • tricia

        half armenian half white, um her mom is white.

      • tricia

        had no idea shes half black as she never mentiones it everytime shes always saying shes a latina. maybe shes ashamed of the black part.

  • FallonLatrece

    Don’t like the look, love the bag!

  • TheBagHoarder

    No idea who she is, but love her look (looks so comfy!) and her Kelly bag.

  • Happy Friday

    She has chopped, filled, and screwed her face just like Kim. She doesn’t look anything like her early Glee days.

  • kindled

    I don’t think her face looks similar to Kim’s (although her hair color does) but this is clearly not Kim as she is not wearing skin tight clothes with exposed midriff.

  • Truvey Taylor

    She’s clearly trying to change lanes but it’s not working. And I see all of her attempts for Kardashian-like comparisons as far as her fashions; people still don’t know who she is so, it’s a waste of time. I hope she works more on her career instead of trying so hard being everywhere/being “seen”.

  • Cami

    This is somewhat Kim’s style from a few years ago, around the “Kim and Kourtney Take New York” era. The comparison as far as looks go; I don´t think they look alike but they have strange features, definetly because of surgery. It´s something around the nose and upper lip area.

  • tricia

    she is the reason why kim k dyed her hair back to brunette. naya is no longer beautiful, too much plastic surgery

  • Aizhan

    agree with Happy Friday and Truvey Taylor. I don’t recognize Naya, even since she got engaged to Big Sean, she’s been changing her style and image, probably trying to fit into this whole glamorous look. And she is not pulling it off. Plus she is not that famous or rich to carry a bag like Hermes. Probably Big Sean bought it for her


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  • Alexis

    Does anybody have an idea of what leather this is made out of? Thank you so much!!

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