Kourtney Kardashian Hermes Birkin

Here’s Kourtney Kardashian, preparing to get on a flight to Paris at LAX with her kiddos Mason and Penelope. (Or maybe it was a flight to Florence? Frankly, we’ve all been down the “Kim Kardashian’s wedding” rabbit hole before, and it’s hard to care.) Kourtney is carrying a black Hermes Birkin, natch. We just saw Kourtney landing at LAX last week with a very covetable Celine Knot Tote, and mere days later, we saw Kim departing LAX with a black Birkin of her own.

As we’ve mentioned before, Kourtney’s sisters Kim and Khloe have both already been awarded their own edition of “The Many Bags of…” (you can see Kim’s here and Khloe’s here), and Kourtney is definitely the next Kardashian in the pipeline. Kourtney’s half-sis Kendall Jenner probably isn’t too far behind her, come to think of it. We did include Kourtney in our special Mother’s Day edition, though: “The Many Bags of Celebrity Moms.”

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  • adguru101

    OK, we all know that the Birkin is supposed to be the holy grail of bagdom because it’s so expensive, but stuffed to the gills like this it might as well be a paper sack. Am I the only one feeling this bag has reached “Emperor’s New Clothes” status?

    • daniel

      I can see your point, but there is a major portion of Birkin history that is often forgotten. The bag was created to be a carryall, workhorse bag. The designed is inspired by a previous Hermes bag meant to carry the equipment of equestrians. I think Kourt is using the bag in the main way it was intended to be used.

      The fact that Hermes uses the best materials [and still makes things by hand] creates the high price. I think the high price is what hooks many people, who are looking for a status symbol, but the beauty and craftsmanship and usability is what has kept people coming back for so many years.

      There is no other bag like it.

      • http://www.charcoal-ink.com/ Kagem

        Well-put. The Birkin seems sturdy to handle a lot of things.

    • Rosa Lily

      I hear ya. IMO, it’s ubiquity has depreciated its aesthetic value.

    • Cherryorchard

      No matter how expensive and coveted and status symbol-holy grail this bag is, it’s still just a bag. The fuss about it has always been a tad over my understanding. I can appreciate the quality and craftsmanship, actually that’s one of the things I love about any piece of leather goods, but still. Just. A. Bag.

  • Scottsdale Kim

    I am enroute to Paris at the end of the week and I hope that they are not all going there….. I hear that it is difficult enough to get the attention of an SA at Hermes Paris.

    On another note….. Hermes Cannes had the best service on this trip while Hermes Monte Carlo was horrible.

  • Spookie

    You have to be in good shape to carry all that.

  • Zezza

    Does anyone know the brand of her sunglasses???? Love them. I agree am a tad over the birkens. The world needs a new ‘it’ bag.

  • guest

    Dumb question, please pardon my ignorance, but can an average person just walk into a hermes store and purchase a birkin? I don’t understand the whole concept of waiting lists and such

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