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  • missarewa

    absolutely gorgeous!

  • Kate

    Love the blush color. Very feminine and sophisticated.

  • Guest

    This bag is so beautiful

  • Sandy

    Yes, this is a very nice bag…

  • Mya Wilkes

    Yesssss!!!! I adore Gucci as a brand as well. My first ever designer bag was Gucci and i haven’t looked back since. Loving the femininty and simplicity of this Jackie.

  • louch

    Never liked Gucci before but this is lovely! Love their new Swing bag too – starting to win me over at last!

  • bobbie

    Gorg!! (Y)

  • Cassandra Smith

    This GUCCI handbag is just the perfect shape for my office outfit and all the stuff I need to put in. I love this!

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