Yep, every time I travel I miss a flight, have a delay, or circle the airport for at least an hour. Today, Vlad, our friend Tim, and I did all three. But after making it to Salt Lake City, we finally hopped on our mini-commuter and made it to Idaho Falls, Idaho. And tomorrow, when the temperature barely breaks 5 degrees, we are off to Jackson Hole, Wyoming to hit the slopes. We will take pictures to share with you all- hopefully fashion related, and continue to blog from our various destinations! Hope you all had a great Friday! :-D

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  • Pippi

    Have a great time! I’m not far away in Sun Valley, and it has been gorgeous here! Looking forward to pics!


  • preppyrich69

    its really nice there i just got back luvs it there im going bavk for the summer woo!!!!! wo!!!
    HAVE FUN ULL loves it cheers

  • Naggy

    This past December, I failed miserably at snowboarding after taking a 3-year hiatus from it. (ipad)

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