We’re so happy the weekend is finally here! That means long brunches and laying in the park celebrating long summer days. If you love Instagram as much as we do, don’t miss out at a look inside our world – make sure to follow PurseBlog and TalkShoes on Instagram to get a look at the bags and shoes we love along with everything else.

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  • Deborah Jarvis

    Hi there, how can I go about having a vintage handbag Authenticated. I do believe it’s real, but I am having some real issues of finding out for sure. I am sending pics of the handbag, would like to know if it’s real, year it’s from, and possible value. I do hope you can help me. My e-mail address is djlxfi@hotmail.com. thanks Debbie

  • Shellee

    Hi, can you tell me what designer the red bag is? Thanks!

  • Shellee

    Ahh, yes, already figured it out. Celine. :) Duh!

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