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  • Dpat13

    I’ve had one for a little over a week and I love it.

  • Amanda

    Love the last pic, just adorable.

  • Brynnlee

    I love the bag! Still trying to understand her outfit but the bag is awesome.

  • Lilly

    Not usually a fan of Coach, but this one I love.

  • Lilly

    Not usually a fan of Coach, but this one I love.

  • Amy

    Ugh – those pants! Prancercise, anyone?

  • Esther

    Had it, but had to return because it is not functional. All those compartments makes it less roomy. Beautiful though!

  • Nayomin Weerasooriya

    Guess you are right it looks less -Coachy..but a classic bag.

  • my friends dad just got a stunning red Mercedes-Benz CLS-Class Sedan only from working off a macbook. view,,,,,,


  • Guest

    Beautiful bag. SJP, OTOH, always looks as if she is in the middle of severe gastric distress. I don’t get it. She has a beautiful family, more money than God, and a nanny to accompany her kids everywhere. She ASKED to be in the public eye. And she can’t smile? Girl, please!

  • ism

    I never understand the Coach hate on this blog. Usually a good read, but why is it always treated as a surprise when Coach puts out a chic bag?

    • MariaHelene

      Because quite a lot of the Coach bags are hideous…? :p The type of cheap looking bags you buy at a sea front booth.

      (My favourite bag is a Coach Willis, btw ;) )

  • Paris Anderson

    This bag is chic, simple, functional, and gorgeous. I have the tan/white/grey colorblock model with the tan handles and crossbody strap. I love Coach, but honestly this is the first handbag they’ve made that I really love since my last Coach purchase five years ago. Glad I got it in time (and before the current collection took over).

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