Sarah Jessica Parker carries a Coach Borough Bag in NYC (5)

Here’s Sarah Jessica Parker in NYC with her kids, carrying an as-yet-unreleased Coach Borough Bag. The Borough collection is brand new for Fall 2013 for Coach, and even though it’s not out yet, it should be available soon. This collection has a noticeably more modern and sleek vibe than most other Coach bags of the very recent past, and seems decidedly less, well, Coach-y. While you bide your time waiting for this invigorating new collection to drop, you can shop Coach online, of course.

The Purseblog team should have more info about the Borough collection available to our readers on the blog next week! Coach has done an extremely skillful job placing these new bags in the hands of the right celebs thus far: Karlie Kloss, Lea Michele and model Liu Wen have all recently been seen carrying bags from the Borough line. There’s scarcely a better way to drum up excitement for a new line of bags, and we’re excited.

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  • Dpat13

    I’ve had one for a little over a week and I love it.

  • Amanda

    Love the last pic, just adorable.

  • Brynnlee

    I love the bag! Still trying to understand her outfit but the bag is awesome.

  • Lilly

    Not usually a fan of Coach, but this one I love.

  • Lilly

    Not usually a fan of Coach, but this one I love.

  • Amy

    Ugh – those pants! Prancercise, anyone?

  • Esther

    Had it, but had to return because it is not functional. All those compartments makes it less roomy. Beautiful though!

  • Nayomin Weerasooriya

    Guess you are right it looks less -Coachy..but a classic bag.

  • Gary Chavez

    my friends dad just got a stunning red Mercedes-Benz CLS-Class Sedan only from working off a macbook. view,,,,,,


  • Guest

    Beautiful bag. SJP, OTOH, always looks as if she is in the middle of severe gastric distress. I don’t get it. She has a beautiful family, more money than God, and a nanny to accompany her kids everywhere. She ASKED to be in the public eye. And she can’t smile? Girl, please!

  • ism

    I never understand the Coach hate on this blog. Usually a good read, but why is it always treated as a surprise when Coach puts out a chic bag?

    • MariaHelene

      Because quite a lot of the Coach bags are hideous…? :p The type of cheap looking bags you buy at a sea front booth.

      (My favourite bag is a Coach Willis, btw ;) )

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