Inge Christopher Starfish Brooch Clutch

I can’t decide if this evening bag looks cheap or cute. First glance, I think it looks cheap- second glance, I think it looks cute. While I wouldn’t use this handbag for many evening occasions, I can actually see it being cute for a summer night out. The Inge Christopher Starfish Brooch Clutch made of silk taffeta and then covered with mesh net for a ‘nautical, romantic look’. Nautical yes, romantic possibly, and fun yes. If you accept that this clutch is merely for fun on moonlight night then the beach inspired shapes with sparkle accents are the perfect accents. Along with this is a large starfish brooch which is removable. The dimensions are 6 3/4″ wide x 2 1/2″ deep x 4″ high and you can’t really go wrong with a price of $95.95 at Zappos.

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  • Karly

    That is sOOOOOOo adorable!.. I would totally get that!!.. cute!.. :-)

  • Naggy

    This is something the The Little Mermaid would like. (ipad)

  • alice


  • amyg

    ugh, cheap! and ugly

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