I am all for See by Chloe clothing. It is more fitting for me and my lifestyle. More simple, more casual, and mostly, more affordable. And just recently I brought you the adorable See by Chloe Key chains that I really like! Cute, almost bordering on too cute, but the perfect little accessory. So for a larger array of handbags from See by Chloe I expected, oh I don’t know, easy chic styles.

Unfortunately, the See by Chloe handbag line is a major let-down. There is absolutely no inspiration behind any of the designs, they are boring, drab, and unimaginative. Each bag is just a block, then colored, then finished. Nothing to make it stand apart from other bags and nothing there to warrant the price tag. There are three versions; available in red, cream, and turquoise. I am not saying the bags are ghastly, rather saying they lack any sort of ingenuity. I would expect more. Chloe bags have become synonymous with chunky hardware, modern touches, and edgy designs. And while Chloe bags are not always first in their class, there is at least some effort behind them. These bags from the supposedly more affordable and fun See by Chloe line are a major let down. Even worse, their prices range around $700. Buy through Net A Porter (found on UK site).

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  • Totally blah. I don’t get the colors. Disappointing indeed.

    • Jenna

      I LOVE the colors. It makes it easy for the bags to go with more outfits! I wear loud clothes and the See by Chloe bags add just the right amount to the finishing touch. Have you seen the Cherry cross body in Strawberry!

  • Ellez

    I was so excited when I saw the title but what a disappointment. Stick to the clothes please! (Chloe I mean, not Megs obviously)

  • lula_bernie

    I am sorry but I think the price tag is based on the label/brand. I see nothing here that justifies that price point. I am glad it’s not just me that thinks they look boring, although the word I would use is generic. Almost like an ‘inspired by…’ handbag.

    • Completely agree. They don’t even look like “inspired by”… Inspiration is exactly what these bags lack.

  • heidi

    They look like cheap H&M bags

  • jane

    Yuck. Hate the shapes, hate the colors, and the lining is gaudy, too. Fail.

    For that price you could get a timeless and indestructible LV Speedy 30, a canvas Gucci, or even one of the higher-priced Coach styles.

  • luvsoftleather

    I totally agree and I really appreciate the honesty too! Go Megs! The design is a complete let down. People who know and appreciate bags aren’t gonna buy these just because it has the Chloe name on it. I’ve seen no name brands that does a much better job than this.

  • Great site. I think we’re kindred spirits to some degree. Keep up the good work!

  • wgs

    plain and ugly and definitely not worth the price. i could find better bags at target.

  • amanda g

    not a fan of these at all, but i ADORE the see by chloe wristlet in purple that i saw at nordstrom. perfect size and the multi-metal exposed zipper was a unique touch.

  • Lauren

    Wow. Very, very plain. I get that it’s the budget line, but how hard — or costly — could it possibly have been to add an accent, a zipper, some more hardware, or ANYTHING to break up the monochromatic-ness?!

  • Formless and boring – and for $700 a pop! Well, I guess designer brands do slip up once in a while. Disappointing.

  • Merve

    Cant believe they can make a shapeless/drab bag attach the Chloe label and ask for $700. They look like those bags magazines give away as freebies along with the issue.

  • Jane

    Nordstroms and Bloomingdales have more of their bags, which are actually pretty cute and much more different than these.

  • Cathrine

    The range of See by Chloe is much bigger. Personally I think the Day Tripper is a really cool bag. Lots of play on the design with pleats and funky zip details. Leighton Meester was wearing a bright blue version recently. Check it out!

  • maricar

    hehehe.. nice bags but i find more fashionable their clothing line

  • hauwa

    Actually, they do look like h&m or primark store bags

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