The Many Bags of Jennifer Lawrence

I’m the last person on Earth not to have seen The Hunger Games, but I assume that’ll change sometime in the near future, mostly because I’ve become such a big fan of Jennifer Lawrence, who plays the movie’s lead character. Not only is she consistently smart and funny in interviews, but I saw her movie Silver Linings Playbook two weeks ago and absolutely adored it (and her in it). If it comes to an indie theater near you, I highly recommend the flick – it’s a non-traditional traditional romantic comedy, if that makes any sense. If it doesn’t, it will once you see the movie.

Anyway, this isn’t a movie blog, right? Handbag blog! That’s what we are. Because yesterday and today were/are holiday travel days for most of the PurseBlog team, we thought it would be a good opportunity to take a look at the small bag collection of a budding star, and Ms. Lawrence seemed like the perfect candidate. She’s just getting started, both in her film career and in her handbag stash, but let’s look at what Jennifer has so far.

This look seems to be a favorite of Jennifer’s – an oversized crop top with a maxi skirt. It’s not my favorite, but I think Jennifer is generally young and pretty enough to pull it off. The Alexander Wang Diego Bucket Bag is a nice touch. Pick up your own Diego via ShopBop for $850.

What’d I tell ya about the whole crop top/maxi skirt thing? In this case, Jennifer’s carrying a stuffed-full LeSportsac Weekender Bag, which can be yours for $120 via Bloomingdale’s.

Like me, when it’s cold outside, Jennifer’s look is more of the big-sweater variety. In this case, she paired her sweater with a Rebecca Minkoff MAC Shoulder Bag. This woven version is sold out, but the regular leather MAC is available at Nordstrom for $295.

Another casual brown crossbody! This one’s the Ralph Lauren Collection RL Saddle Shoulder Bag.

Since Jennifer’s been all over the world filming and doing press for movies since her fame really started to grow, a lot of the paparazzi’s pictures of her are from airports. Lately, she’s been carrying the Cobra Society Tangier Satchel to travel. This bag is sold out almost everywhere, but you can still pick one up at Stanley Korshack for $1,250.

Jennifer is also partial to this Tod’s Signature Tote while traveling – come to think of it, a lot of stars carry Tod’s signature line on airplanes. You can shop Tod’s via Saks.

When Jennifer has to head straight from a plane to a press event, she predictably dresses it up a little bit, like with a blazer and the Mulberry Del Rey Bag. Get your own for $1,500 via Net-a-Porter.

It’s at formal or semi-formal events that Jennifer really shines. I don’t dig her scarf from this ensemble, but the bright pink Christian Dior Quilted Minaudiere is a nice color accent to an all-black lady tux. Dior doesn’t sell its bags online, but you can get the look with this very similar hot pink Alexander McQueen clutch for $1,307 via

Easily my favorite look of this post is this one, which Jennifer wore to attend a Dior fashion show in Paris. The bag is a Christian Dior Miss Dior Shoulder Bag, natch. Sadly, it’s not available online.

And finally, a photo that doesn’t include a bag, but encapsulates a lot of why I can’t help but love Ms. Lawrence. Here she is, running shoeless to her waiting car from the Silver Lining’s Playbook wrap party, probably three sheets to the wind. We’ve all been there, lady. Or at least I have. I love when celebrities are still new enough to act like human beings from time to time.

  • twirler

    she has quite the eccentric collection for a new star! not that I don’t love them myself, but it’s nice to see a young actress reach for something other than the typical LV/Chanel/Balenciaga/Celine when first starting out

  • Janelle Okwodu

    Bags or none, she is adorable and refreshingly real. Love that you featured her!

  • Laura

    So glad you did this piece on Jennifer Lawrence. I’m a huge fan of the Hunger Games books and loved her in the movie. I love that, like one of the previous commenters mentioned, that she’s not full into Celine, LV, etc. and is going for young, contemporary designers.

  • kristin

    i just love everything about her – especially her style and of course the bags!! haha :)

  • anouk

    i just love her the moment i saw her in Winter’s Bone! this gal can act! nuff said.

  • Pixel_Queen

    Mostly, I think the bags are just OK. She is young, unsophisticated, and not very well educated. I don’t think fashion’s her thing. She kind of looks as if she’s letting herself go, and she’s waaaay too young for that. I think she needs a stylist. All of that being said, I did enjoy “Silver Linings Playbook.” I just have to remind myself not to read any more of her interviews.

    • M

      ouch- tad harsh and judgemental don’t you think?

  • Lisa

    love the black bag . But do not like her outfits.

  • Karin bag4bag

    I am not a fan of her work and I may be the only person in the world who didn’t like ‘Silver Linings Playbook’ but I’m not the right demographic. I do like her choice of Rebecca Minkoff MAC and before a stylist ‘gets a hold of her’ it seems she makes her own choices for an understated young minimal look.

  • dianne mae Catapang

    hmm ,. good thing she’s a great actress..

  • lancelbbsac

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  • Bipasha

    Not really impressed with her everyday style,or her bags. She is young and she wants to be comfy. It’s understandable, but she didn’t really deserve a “Many Bags of…” segment, sorry to say.

  • Bipasha

    Oh and with all the money she makes,she can afford a pedi. Seriously!

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