Taylor Swift carries a Marc Cross Scottie Large Flap Satchel in New York (5)

If you peruse our “The Many Bags of Taylor Swift” post, it quickly becomes obvious that Taylor Swift prefers classic tanned leather bags for daytime – almost exclusively, in fact. And Taylor makes no exception here, with the Mark Cross Scottie Large Flap Satchel she recently carried while greeting fans in NYC. This bag is considerably more luxe, however, than the majority of bags we’ve spotted her with before, which usually clock in at under a grand. You can buy this exact Mark Cross satchel for $2,350 at Barneys.

Is it possible that grown-up Taylor Swift will move away from her more accessible mall picks and ante up with high-end designer options from here on out? We’ll see. Frankly, I don’t fault her for buying bags under $500, or $200 – she is being watched by every teenage girl on the planet. And while teens these days have a truly sick amount of disposable income, treating your teen daughter to a $2,000 bag from Barneys seems like jumping the gun a little, doesn’t it?

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    disposable income? we’re actually in a recession.

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