Rihanna Celine Nano

There are so many magazines that I peruse that have an ongoing feature on how celebrities are just like us. You know, they eat food, they go places, they have families. But typically, all that I think from those silly features is they are like “us” in that they are human, but their lives are quite different. They have drivers, personal chefs and private jets. Though it would seem they should be able to afford all the clothing and accessories they are seen with, the truth is much of it is gifted (even if they CAN afford it). With all the gifting that happens, seeing a celeb constantly tote a specific bag lets you know they really love it, and that’s clearly how Rihanna feels about her Celine Nano Luggage Tote.

We featured Rihanna’s bag collection not long ago and included her Nano, but truth be told, Rihanna can’t seem to put this bag down. From casual daytime looks to a night on the town, this Caribbean beauty just can’t get enough of her black Celine bag.

  • Bianca Grogan

    She is sporting that bag all over but is is very cute. I love her and her hair is great! http://www.shopperstherapy.blogspot.com

  • ebuypurses.com

    how did she carry the nano in the third photo
    w w w. e b u y p u r s e s . c o m / c e l i n e – l u g g a g e – n a n o – t o t e – p m – 3 3 0 9 – b l k – p 1 6 2 7 . h t m l

  • ebuypurses.com

    how did she carry the nano in the third photo
    w w w. e b u y p u r s e s . c o m

  • ebuypurses.com

    How did she carry this nano? http://pinterest.com/pinkyfun/

  • Kim

    I actually love this bag. It is my favorite at the moment.

  • Kim

    This is my favorite bag at the moment. Love it.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/ZOLDGEXVR6B4UAOCNFCHEQWIMQ cyrell

    This bag does NOT even compare to the pony hair collection Celine has….

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