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  • Guest

    Looks like she’s carrying Kim Richards’ pillow, too…

  • Casey

    We sell this style in a sort of ugly blue color at Nordstrom Fashion Valley and I must say that although the orange makes the bag look half decent, it doesn’t come close to the traditional Trapeze. I honestly think it’s a hideous bag, if only because the Trapeze was already aesthetically perfect to begin with and could not benefit from any tampering.


      It’s less attractive but a million times more practical.

      • Casey

        You’re totally right, I think the Trapeze is like Birkin-level impractical when it comes to getting things in and out.

  • ym

    I bought this bag a few months ago and then made the mistake of reading about it online. People hate this bag!

    • shueaddict

      Please, it is still a drool worthy, cool designer bag … who happens to have a very cool older sister … I still love it.

    • ericadr

      it’s a gorgeous bag! i love it too!


    NORDSTROM AND JEFFREY’S ATL have them in orange blue and black

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