Rachel Hunter carries a red Celine Zipper Trapeze bag at the airport (5)

That brilliant orange bag you see actress/model/rocker-ex Rachel Hunter wrangling on the top of her luggage cart at LAX is the brand new Celine Zipper Trapeze Tote. This bag is Celine’s new version of the Trapeze for Spring 2013, and it’s something altogether new and different. Saying we’re excited about this bag is…something of an understatement. But what’s the difference between the this Zipper Trapeze and the regular Trapeze, you ask?

First off, you’ll notice that instead of a single top handle and a flap closure with an optional shoulder strap, this version features double top handles and totally lacks a shoulder strap. The signature “flap” is still present, in a sense, but only in the form of the front pocket. It’s sort of a Trapeze-Luggage Tote structural hybrid, like the magical “lyger” of hot-right-now designer handbags. Of course, since it’s Celine, you can’t find it anywhere online. If you’ve seen it in-store, or if you’ve somehow already managed to snag one for yourself, we want to hear all about it!

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  • Guest

    Looks like she’s carrying Kim Richards’ pillow, too…

  • Casey

    We sell this style in a sort of ugly blue color at Nordstrom Fashion Valley and I must say that although the orange makes the bag look half decent, it doesn’t come close to the traditional Trapeze. I honestly think it’s a hideous bag, if only because the Trapeze was already aesthetically perfect to begin with and could not benefit from any tampering.

    • Atelieross.com

      It’s less attractive but a million times more practical.

      • Casey

        You’re totally right, I think the Trapeze is like Birkin-level impractical when it comes to getting things in and out.

  • ym

    I bought this bag a few months ago and then made the mistake of reading about it online. People hate this bag!

    • shueaddict

      Please, it is still a drool worthy, cool designer bag … who happens to have a very cool older sister … I still love it.

    • ericadr

      it’s a gorgeous bag! i love it too!

  • Atelieross.com

    NORDSTROM AND JEFFREY’S ATL have them in orange blue and black

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