Miley Cyrus carries a gold Celine Classic Box Bag in London (5)

Here’s Miley Cyrus and her crew in the UK, hiding in their limo from an impending London paparazzi invasion. Miley is wielding a mirrored gold Celine Classic Box Bag, and her very surprised looking make-up artist seems to have a quilted Chanel bag in her lap, which she has not yet utilized as a weapon. (She has every right to do so at this point, as this pap is essentially shooting up Miley’s skirt.) We spotted Miley in NYC with her Chanel backpack just last week; Chanel is clearly a fave among Team Miley. You can shop pre-owned Celine and Chanel via Portero.

The Celine Classic Box Bag isn’t exactly the most talked-about Celine bag on PB, but the brand is doing a ton with that basic shape as of late – we saw the Classic Box in woodgrain for Celine’s Fall 2013 line. I myself love the mirrored gold finish on Miley’s Classic Box Bag, but I’m a sucker for anything gilded, metallic, or holographic. Do you think this boxy bag deserves more love, or is it miles behind Luggage Totes and Trios?

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  • Lilly

    Like the shape, but don’t care for the gold tone.

  • Petra B.

    Actually the classic box is my favourite of the Celine bag family, and the second place goes to the Trapeze. I adore this metallic hue, but I prefer the silver one( a la Jenna Lyons)

    • Megs Mahoney Dusil

      I love this bag and love the gold and silver – I think it’s super chic!

  • Kandi

    Does anyone know how much the woodgrain is?

  • Camai

    my absolute favorite celine design, then the trio. i love classics; the bags you can wear in 5-10 years and really get your investments’ worth! luggage isn’t doing it for me.

  • Varsha

    How much would this be retailing for? Thanks.

  • glayds83

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