Mary-Kate Olsen carries The Row's Alligator Backpack and The Row's Carry All Tote in Alligator (5)

Mary-Kate Olsen recently carried a staggering $80k(ish) worth of assets in plain sight through LAX…in the form of two alligator bags from her own designer label, The Row. Here she is, about to be engulfed by the paps, carrying both the $34,000 The Row Alligator Backpack and The Row Alligator Carry All Tote. We couldn’t find an exact price for the Carry All, but based on the pricing of similar bags by the brand, we would guesstimate that its price sits somewhere in the $35-$40,000 range. You can get Mary-Kate’s exact backpack for $34,000 via Barneys, while the leather version of her tote is $2,850 at Neiman Marcus.

Ponying up $34k for an alligator bag is one thing, but ponying up the start-up cash to create a label that shills $34K alligator bags, which you then carry indiscriminately through the airport while looking like the fashion world’s interpretation of a boho backpacker? That means you WIN luxury, in my book. I love the Olsens – they’re quirky, they do what they want, they frequently leave the house with damp hair (I find that incredibly relatable) and they almost completely avoid pandering to the press at red carpet events and charity galas. You can peruse Mary-Kate and Ashley’s combined bag stash in “The Many Bags of The Olsen Twins”. It’s quite impressive.

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  • Pandora

    Sorry, but using real alligator is barbaric. The Olsen twins need to take a page from Stella McCartney’s playbook.

    • Edia

      not everybody is vegan u know

    • Guest

      That alligator looks so luxe… must be the baby alligator since they have the best skin for the super luxurious bags. Or so what the tourist guide told me at a Philippine alligator farm.

    • Abbi

      Have you ever considered the cost of making artificial leather? One could argue the chemicals produced etc is barbaric for our environment…

  • Aurora

    Not a fan of the carry all — too much handle pull when the bag is loaded — but that backpack is amazing. Too bad I live on a Coach budget!

  • Jane

    Great article on Net-a-porter website about them and their work in the fashion world. I really enjoyed it. Pretty amazing the reason for starting The Row. I hope others check it out.

    • Guest

      I saw it, but I really hated the cover. They look so old on it or it might be their signature “Zoolander” pose they always do.

      • shueaddict

        actually me too, I hated the pic and did not read the article, I must reconsider

      • Jane

        That is awesome she was rocking the zoolander pose!!!!

  • Casey

    The best thing about the Olsens is that they never look uncomfortable in their outfits. To me, that is luxury. I prefer the Day Luxe tote over this one but that backpack is still beautiful.

  • yourmovecreep

    sigh…..they look like pleather. somehow i think a more matte finish would have looked nicer

  • Me

    What a dumb article. A millionaire wears expensive things. Wow. How did CNN SMS this?

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