The Many Bags of Petra and Tamara Ecclestone

We see a lot of Hermès bags around here, but rarely do we see collections as spectacular as those of Petra and Tamara Ecclestone. We previously examined who the British heiresses are and where their seemingly endless supplies of dollars come from, and now we’re here to take a true, in-depth look at as many of the Ecclestones’ bags as we can find. In addition to Hermè, get ready to see a lot of Céline.

  • kindled

    holy crap. Net worth of their purse collection?

    • Averil

      I have a feeling whatever number I have in my head probably needs a few more 0s appended to the end…

  • Stephanie

    combined their wardrobe collection must be worth over at least 50 Mil *sigh*

  • kn

    that shiny snakeskin golden clutch is Chanel i think…

  • as

    they both have the contrived beauty that only money can buy

  • blonde_closet

    It’s interesting that Petra had, I don’t know if it’s defunct now, her own handbag/clutch line but not a single photo of her carrying one. They were ridiculously over priced and severely underwhelming!

  • dnfl

    Don’t know much about them, but at least they seem to act and dress classy! Not like some heiresses in the states… Haha

  • Kim

    OMG Tamara loves the phantom a bit too much !

  • calicat

    For all their money, they don’t look very happy or healthy.

  • Newsworthy

    I am happy that I don’t have the slightest clue as to who they are.

  • sheena

    tamara have the weirdest bodyshape

    • Averil

      She has almost no hips and an unusually broad rib cage, so she looks super top heavy in the bodycon dresses, suit jackets and tight tees. But she looks super cute and proportioned the rest of the time, especially in the summery dresses with the denim jacket, really pretty look

  • Rosa Lily

    It’s like a race between celebrities/heiresses, etc on who can obtain the most Birkins. Yes, it’s an elegant and desirable bag but when there is an excessive display of all the colors and textures that are known to exist by one person the bag loses its popular appeal.

    • Ashlee

      Agreed! It’s like “I get it…you have money. Why don’t you show us that you have a mind and choose more than 2 purses to carry.”

  • felicia hsb

    wow best birkin collection…i never get sick at looking at those gorgeous pieces! especially that aqua/teal kelly bag :)

  • Lea

    Very strange
    This Tamara person’s got a huge monster on her bras….

  • kay

    The comments on these pictures are so obnoxious. Who cares if they favour Saint Laurent clutches?

    • Einstein

      yeah I know.not just saint Laurent, valentine and bottega as well. hermes is just overrated, referring to those comments. well, we have our own preferences, right? and let them make their choices.

  • whizzcheng

    This should be called “the many birkins of…”. I didnt enjoy this entry as much as the others. No variety at all

    • KathyBTurner


  • lovethiss

    not tamara’s friend, that is petra:) you can tell by the cartier bracelet and the pale croc bag obvssssss

  • fashion.foward

    the gold python clutch is Chanel, I’m sure of it, i saw it before in another color

    • fashion.foward


  • Marnie

    They have nice expensive bags boring bag, to go along with their boring uninspired style.

  • ahhhsoneo

    so what if they don’t carry Hermes evening clutches. Your comments there are totally unnecessary.

  • chiquita_violenta

    Who are these people ?

    • LoisRStroble

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    • Kat

      Daddy is F1 Racing

  • chris


  • Me

    It is only a matter of time before they get their own reality show, if they have not already

    • Konjo

      I believe Tamara had one

  • Ashlee

    I know I’m going to get hate mail for this comment but I truly don’t understand having 30 versions of the same purse. 2 or 3 sure that’s understandable but show some variety in your style and tastes! If you have that much money you have so many options!

  • Adrianne

    She should have had someone tell her that the stretch on the pattern across her chest of that McQ dress looks horrible!!!

  • JYK98

    Wow, do they want to single-handedly exterminate crocodiles?

  • Fiona-Brasil

    IMHO if I had that obscene amount of money I would buy three croc bags , 2 sizes of Birkins ( a 35 all black and a 30 Himalayan ) and one Kelly in a vibrant color. Too much of the same , depreciates a rather rare bag…

  • sahimster

    Have you considered – seeing as Kelly bags are incredibly elusive – to compile a list of the best ones you’ve seen on celebs?

  • D

    It’s a Chanel, also available in black


    Beautiful style and handbags too, but when something become too accessible it loose a little bit of unique, not saying it’s a cheap handbag but everyone who has money can buy it and now it’s seen everywhere too much that they had to invent colors to make it more exclusive…but it’s not that classic anymore, I think the traditional colours were the best!

  • Iris

    These kind of people are so boring. Yeah they have tons of money, but zero style. It’s all about how expensive the stuff is. Snooze.

  • Lisa

    I have to say I really don’t like the Himalaya Birkin and I really don’t like the pink croc with gold HW. And the ripped jeans with a huge hole in them are so passe!

  • Eva

    Petra’s SO black croc Kelly is stunning! If I had so much money to spend on a single bag I’d definitely buy a Kelly like that one.

  • bethcwhitehorn

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  • saradduclos

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  • Bags are forever

    And they don’t put their bags in the floor! ;-)

  • Christine

    You also forgot to add Tamara carrying around a black medium goatskin Givenchy Antigona.

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