Liv Tyler is all smiles as she steps out in New York City without makeup on

Everyone’s favorite Elven princess Liv Tyler seemed primed and ready for the long weekend this past Friday, rocking not one but two choice designer bags right outside her home in the West Village. The smaller one? None other than the Stella McCartney Grace Faux Croc Shoulder Bag, while the one Liv is carrying in her hand is the Givenchy Velvet Dome Satchel.

If you’ve stepped inside a department store in the last few years, you’re probably aware that Liv has been the face of Givenchy cosmetics and perfume for some time now, but were you also aware that Liv is basically besties with Stella McCartney? (Rock heiresses of a feather flock together, I guess.) I’m certain that entitles her to a steep “friends and family” discount on Stella’s cruelty-free designer goods.

Another perk of that constant stream of Givenchy and “Lord Of The Rings” revenue? The ability to be extremely choosy with her film choices. That’s right, Liv Tyler has only appeared in one movie per year since 2002. Before that? 2-3 movies a year, max. I’m extremely envious of your leisurely lifestyle/career/look, Liv. Pick up a similar Stella shoulder bag for $1195 via Neiman Marcus.

  • dnfl

    the givenchy looks like that of a juicy couture bag..

  • chris

    i have a real hard time buying into stella mccartney’s bags simply because the prices are so inflated (a designer leather bag is already artificially inflated in price many times over, yet I can at least convince myself that i’m after all, buying a LEATHER bag…), especially for PVC or whatever other faux material that she uses.

    • louch


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