Kristin Cavallari carries a Chanel Grand Shopping Tote in LA (5)

Here’s Kristin Cavallari carrying her baby Camden and a Chanel Grand Shopping Tote (or the Chanel GST, for Chanel fans in the know) while heading to lunch in LA. This classic Chanel bag has been around forever – I just assume everyone who was ever on The Hills has one in their collection, as they were a fairly Chanel-obsessed bunch. They probably would’ve never guessed back in 2006 that they’d one day be stuffing their Chanel bags with diapers and little Tupperware containers of Cheerios.

On a related note, I wonder if celeb moms will ever lose the leather jackets and embrace the baby sling. Sure, it obscures a good half of your outfit, but then your baby isn’t made anxious by paparazzi advances and other stimuli that come along with being attached to a someone of a certain amount of noteriety. (That’s pretty much everything, right?) I have yet to see a single celeb mama go whole hog and just wear their baby. It’s possible that Chanel or Louis Vuitton will have to make a line of luxury baby slings before that ever happens.

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  • bananadelrey

    About wearing your baby, remember that Gwen Stephani had a Gucci baby carrier for her son.

    • lol


  • Lilly

    Cute little boy. Is it me or is she super skinny? Btw, anyone watching re-runs of Laguna Beach and The Hills? She was such a bitch!

    • Lol

      Your comment alone makes you a b****, too. If she’s skinny, then you must be super fat. How about toning down on those burgers, ok?

      • Katy

        And your comment makes you one too…Dag, there are a lot of you on here!

        As for Kristen, I cannot believe this she has a kid…he’s Jay Cutler’s, right? I watched this show way too much in college (when I should have been studying or drinking or sleeping or something productive) and it’s easy to forget these people aren’t characters but real people who exist somewhere. I saw a lot of myself in her…I only hope that she’s grown up and become a real adult too…at least for her kid’s

  • May

    Love her watch. What type of watch is that?

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