Jessica Simpson Saint Laurent Studded Sac de Jour Bag

Here’s Jessica Simpson, arriving back in LA after a few days in NYC, carrying a Saint Laurent Studded Sac de Jour Bag and wearing a pair of what seem to be her favorite shoes – the Saint Laurent Janis Pumps. She’s tied it all together with what appears to be an extremely fashionable sweatsuit, of sorts, which looks pretty ideal for air travel. You can find Jessica’s Saint Laurent bag for $3,950 at Bergdorf Goodman, and her Saint Laurent shoes are available for $775 at Barneys.

We’ve seen Jessica wearing different Janis pumps several times before, and this isn’t even the first time we’ve seen her wearing them at an airport. The woman loves Janis pumps, and they do seem particularly on-brand for her look. Jessica also owns a modest assortment of Saint Laurent handbags, of course, which you can view in “The Many Bags of Jessica Simpson.” Jessica Simpson’s handbag collection is (unsurprisingly) very Jessica Simpson.

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  • msmsytique

    Anyone know what sunglasses she is wearing?


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  • Chantal McCulligh

    I adore Jessica Simpson…. But is she wearing pumps with track pants… And pulling it off! How does she do it!?

    • Steffi

      I was just asking myself the same question! Great outfit, I love it!!

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