Fergie carries the Saint Laurent The Cabas Tote in black leather (5)

Fergie Ferg was recently snapped exiting a recording studio in NYC, wearing what looks to be a minidress made out of a 1980s windbreaker (though I’m sure it’s designer – anyone care to ID?) and carrying the Saint Laurent The Cabas Tote. The Cabas Tote is Saint Laurent designer Hedi Slimane’s take on the Yves Saint Laurent Cabas ChYc, a bag that rose to fashion fame and populiarty during the tenure of his predecessor. Fergie’s exact bag is currently available for a cool $2,695 at Neiman Marcus.

We outlined the differences between the Cabas ChYc and The Cabas in this post, and readers by and large seemed to prefer the older Yves Saint Laurent version to the Slimane’s Saint Laurent revamp. Of course, that was two months ago – which do you prefer now?

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  • Sandra

    The old “Y”SL version every time!!

  • laura

    still prefer the old version.

  • Adrine

    I LIKE this version!

  • catherina

    i like the older one. no sense fixing something that isn’t broken.

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