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  • Ava

    Am I the only one seeing the Sofia Coppola Louis Vuitton when I look at this bag?

    • cca

      i thought the same thing, just a different shape

      • Zala Yamato

        same here! and a little givenchy antigona.

    • Noemi

      No, you’re not, exactly my same thought.

  • trendy clothes

    wow wow…very cute purses….designed and the cost also very affordable one…..

  • Joanna

    This is a gorgeous handbag.

  • Oliana –

    Love, love, love this bag!

  • Nívia

    Once I had one of this Tshirts like Diane´s
    I bought it in a supermarket in Trouville, for the summer, just to walk by the sea..a long long long looooooooong time ago…it was funny times!

  • Nívia

    ohhh I loved her glasses, I adore to use red colour in acessories
    her glasses are out standing!!
    she´s one beautiful woman!

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