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  • anouk

    That’s the tennis player Ana Ivanovic and not the wife of Nemadja Vidic. Both women do have the same names but not related.
    Also, it’s not royal-in-law. It’s just Pippa.

    • Ahh, SplashNews had her misidentified, then. I’ll edit the post.

    • Courtney

      Oh Good Lord, don’t take everything so literally. It’s a blog, for goodness sake….She’s using a little “Creative” writing to throw in to mix things up a bit. And actually she IS in-law to royalty so she didn’t say anything wrong.

      • Eli

        I agree. If Pippa’s not a royal-in-law, then what do the British call the siblings/families of their wives?

  • g

    the first ID was correct, that is NOT tennis player ana ivanovic

  • Steph

    No victoria beckham?

  • Jovana

    Hahaha, hey Amanda, I am from Serbia, and I can say 100 percent that this is Ana Vidic, try and Google Ana Vidic and you will identify her. Kisses

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